Many people love to wrap their cars. It’s a great way to get a new custom paint job on whatever your car is without actually needing to destroy and remove the paint the car originally came with. Because one day you might actually like to have that original paint job back again.

Most cars that get wrapped are also high-performance cars that look incredible in that wrap job. YouTuber Khall_SRT has a second-generation Dodge Charger Redeye, and he has just unveiled an amazing wrap for his car.

A Stunning Wrap Job

First things first, the wrap job itself. The car is in a stunning white wrap all over the car, with bits of black across various parts of the car to compliment it. The rear wing is black as are the wheels, door handles and the mirrors which help the white to pop out.

The red SRT badge on the front also looks absolutely insane. The coloring on the wrap is very, very cool. The real name for the wrap is Ghost Flip Pearl Satin White, and it looks epic thanks to the body lines of the car.

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A Real Popping Color For The Charger

Charger 2nd Gen White Wrap Custom Wrap With Chrysler 300
via Khal_SRT YouTube Channel

Khal_SRT also has a Chrysler 300 in the same color, but he thinks that the Dodge looks much better in the new color, maybe because it pops out a lot more than on the Chrysler.

It was K&A Customs that carried out the wrap, and it looks striking, with the decals on the red brake calipers also having the same color as the exterior finish to the car.

Redeye badges are now affixed to the side of the Charger, and in the black chrome they compliment the white of the car very well.

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A Stunning Fit Across The Car

Charger 2nd Gen White Wrap Custom Wrap Front Quarter View
via Khal_SRT YouTube Channel

Khal_SRT had a big fear with the wrap that it would rub against the tires on the car and cause a lot of smoke and rub. But thankfully, the wrap finish is so good that there is no issue at the front, with the rear wheels having a bit more leeway when it comes to the wrap. Another bonus is that the car with his suspension modifications rides very well, and the hood looks incredibly impressive with the wrap done in just one piece and not in sections.

This Charger very much deserves to flex its new color.

Source: Khal_SRT YouTube Channel

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