The BMW M3 Touring is certainly one of the most exciting upcoming cars from BMW at the moment. Even if, at least at the moment, the car is not coming to the American market.

The odd image of the car in camouflage has appeared online, however thanks to a post on an Instagram page we can now get a bit of a look at the car via these leaks. The images are not the best quality, but they do allow us to get a bit of a look at the car.

What Can The Images Show Us Of The BMW M3 Touring

So, looking at the front of the car, we get to see a few interesting details. The grille is, as you might expect, the customary and terrible wide-mouth variety that nearly every BMW seems to have at the moment. There is a pair of these grilles mounted between large intakes, with vents noticeable on the bumpers outer edges in front of the front wheels.

Most likely these are to aid cooling of the brakes and to help with airflow across the front wheels, and below that fascia we see a front splitter poking out at the bottom.

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Across The Rest Of The M3

BMW M3 Touring Leek Full View
via wilkoblock Instagram Page

The hood looks to have a couple of vents, one on either side, and the headlights are quite thin eyelash looking ones with the BMW logo in the middle of the hood. The black wheels and black exterior color of the BMW gives it quite a menacing appearance, as well as quite a sporty one. Across the side, we can just about make out the exit vents behind the front wheels and also just see more inlets in front of the rear wheels. The fenders at the back of the M3 Touring look to be particularly large.

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That Is All We Have So Far

BMW M3 Touring Teaser Rear View
via BMW Blog

For now, that is all we have of the new M3 Touring to look at. BMW did recently release a video that showed the rear of the car, but that’s all. We don’t get a true rear shot of the car in this bunch of images from Instagram. And sadly, the images are quite low quality, so don’t expect 1080p HD details here. But they do at least give us a bit of an idea as to what we can expect from the car ahead of its official launch.

Source: wilcoblok Instagram Page

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