Dennis Collins knows a thing or two about car restorations, big money deals and of course Jeeps. He and his family have a fantastic business that restores a multitude of cars, but one thing they also love is their 2022 COPO Chevrolet Camaro 572 Big Block monster with its 9.4-liter engine. In a video on his YouTube channel, Dennis Collins shows the Camaro making passes down the drag strip with daughter Kelsey behind the wheel of this Chevrolet monster.

A Powerful And Fast Camaro

This is quite a significant milestone for both Kelsey and the car. It is her first-ever pass down the drag strip, and it's also the first-ever run of the Collins 2022 COPO Camaro. So, a big occasion all-round.

Kelsey’s first pass looks to be pretty smooth down the drag strip, and her first run was at 135.2 mph in a time of 11.18 seconds which when it was just meant to be a practice run, was a pretty damn solid time. It made Dennis very happy, knowing she definitely wasn’t pushing the car to the limit by any means!

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Kelsey Keeps Going For It

Kelsey Collins COPO Camaro Front Quarter View
via Dennis Collins YouTube Channel

Kelsey keeps on rolling that Camaro down the drag strip to find more time and to pull in some good passes. On just her third pass, Dennis tells us that her top-end speed is already higher than most of the other COPO’s running, getting it down to a 10.75 run time, and she’s getting better and better with each pass. Dennis very much hopes Kelsey can break under the 10-second run with her COPO, but we also get a look at a one-off gold COPO Camaro with a Trans Am front and 327. And that certainly pulls hard down the drag strip.

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Impressed By The Camaro’s Speed

Kelsey Collins COPO Camaro End Of Day Sitrep
via Dennis Collins YouTube Channel

Kelsey checks in with us and is very impressed with how fast the car hooks up, calling it insane, but also loving how despite the wheelspin and speed, how controllable the car is.

At the end of the day, Dennis shows Kelsey how she did. The first time was an 11.18 second pass, remember. Her fourth and final run of the day was a 10.70 at 136 mph, and her father calls that outstanding, and it was. And she is a very fast learner, so there is clearly a lot more to come from Kelsey.

Source: Dennis Collins YouTube Channel

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