The SUV craze has already gotten to a point of no return! Because Lotus Cars that made a cult-following with its insanely-good handling sports coupes are making SUVs, and it's an EV! Going electric is now inevitable for many automakers and Lotus is no different.

The revival is of Lotus Cars is surely going to be a strong one thanks to the 1,970 HP Lotus Evija code-named - Type 130. The next in line is an SUV, the first-ever from this British sports car maker, and is code-named the Type 132. Lotus has released their SUV's first tease and it flaunts active aerodynamics.

Lotus has given us a glimpse of their first-ever SUV codenamed Type 132, and it "breathes".

First Of The 4 New EVs From Lotus

Lotus has already made a strong comeback after a long gap with the Lotus Evija. This is a 1980 HP EV hypercar that will be limited to just 130 units. The now-teased Lotus Type 132 is the next in line from its EV fleet of 4 vehicles that are slated to launch up until 2030. The shocking part is that it's a crossover.

Lotus Type 132 teaser image with 3 other EVs - a 4-door sedan, another SUV, and a sports coupe
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Yes, Lotus is making an SUV. It will, later on, be followed by a second crossover (code-named Type 134), a 4-door coupe (code-named Type 133), and the all-electric successor of the famed Lotus Elise (code-named Type 135).

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Lotus Shows Us The Type 132's Active Shutters

Lotus Type 132 front lower intake grille teased

The first teaser video by Lotus for Type 132 is named 'Breathe'. And it gives us a glimpse of the active shutters on the front fascia of their EV SUV. Located on the lower grille, the active grille shutters aim at improving the aerodynamic features and battery cooling.

This also gives us a hint of the battery pack being located under the floor, which would also aid in handling. Lotus has gone for a hexagonal pattern for the grille and it sure will look contrasting to the sharp and sleek front fascia that this SUV is expected to flaunt.

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Type 132 Will Pack Upto 750 HP

Lotus Type 132 front fascia lower close-up view

Lotus Type 132 will be based on a modular EV platform called Evolution which will also be underpinning Type 134 as well. This platform was earlier mentioned by the automaker to be used for mass-market offerings, something Lotus has never done!

Being an SUV, we expect it to pack an AWD layout with a motor on each axle. The performance figures surely will be impressive and as much as 750 HP can be expected from Lotus's first-ever SUV. Lotus will be manufacturing the Type 132 in a new plant that is currently under construction in Wuhan.

Lotus Type 132 teaser font

Lotus will launch the Type 132 in 2022 and will soon be followed by the Type 133 4-door coupe in 2023. The other crossover will show itself in 2025 and the much-anticipated all-electric successor to the Lotus Elise will be launched the last, in 2026. Lotus sure looks prepared for its new lease of life, and we hope that its SUVs are as fun-handling as its iconic coupes are!


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