Colin Chapman founded and ran Lotus with one goal in mind: excellent driving. His time-tested maxim to "Simplify, then add lightness" might have fallen by the wayside with the recent reveal of the electric Evija supercar, but Lotus has still contributed to the sports car arena with over seven decades of stellar automotive design and engineering. And now, a serious piece of Lotus history has been listed for sale in the UK, Colin Chapman's own 1981 Lotus Turbo Esprit finished in silver with a red interior.

If You Have To Ask

Colin Chapman Personal Lotus Turbo Esprit For Sale 2
via Mark Donaldson Ltd

The car is offered for sale by Mark Donaldson Ltd, a boutique company with plenty of other ridiculously rare cars on offer at the moment. But the provenance of this Lotus sets it above the rest of the fray—as proven by a "POA" or "Price On Application" tag that will surely put it well out of reach of mere mortals. This specific car was even driven by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a documented meeting with Chapman at the Norfolk Airport. But this Turbo Esprit would be valuable enough on its own, as well, thanks to the immaculate condition befitting it with just over 11,000 miles having elapsed since it rolled off the assembly line.

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Under The Hood

Colin Chapman Personal Lotus Turbo Esprit For Sale 3
via Mark Donaldson Ltd

This Turbo Esprit didn't leave the factory in regular trim, though, as apparently Colin Chapman needed something a little special for his own personal car. The listing specifies that it was built with "modified and lowered suspension," as well as "modified bodywork to reduce wind noise and internal ventilation" (that latter due to Chapman's hay fever), power steering, and a blueprinted engine that featured dry-sump lubrication like a real racecar. And as near to a racecar as possible is exactly what this example turned out to be, as it was apparently the only non-competition Lotus that factory Formula 1 driver Elio de Angelis ever drove.

Source: Mark Donaldson

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