Ferrari is unquestionably one of the most iconic brands in the world. The legendary Italian car company has given us incredible road cars such as the F40 and the 250 GTO. But they have also made a name for themselves in racing, particularly when it comes to Formula 1 and GT Racing.

As the brand looks to the future, Ferrari has now unveiled sketches of the 296 GT3, which are also sketches that show us what the future of Ferrari in GT Racing will look like.

Looking Towards The Future

Ferrari periodically changes its main GT race car to match up and align with its current road car lineup, and this is no exception. The new 296 GT3, based upon the new 296 GTB, will take over from the 488 GT3, and it will have big boots to fill. The 488 GT3 picked up 107 titles from its race debut to the present day, which includes 429 wins and 770 race starts, and these stats Ferrari say make it the most successful car in Prancing Horse history. Now, of course though, it is time for Ferrari to look to the future.

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A New Design For Racing

Ferrari 296 GT3 Racer Sketches Front Details
via Ferrari

Matching up to the pedigree of the 488 GT3 will take some doing, but the 296 GT3 will be up to the challenge. Ferrari say they have preserved the link to the production version of the 296, thanks to keeping a very similar design. However, there are some differences between the two, mainly in the aerodynamic and the characteristic elements of the car. There is of course the massive rear wing we can just make out in the sketches, and the splitter at the front of the car too, again just about visible.

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Interesting Sketches Give Us A Glimpse To The Future

Ferrari 296 GT3 Racer Sketches Side View
via Ferrari

The sketches don’t reveal too much with the car in black and the backdrop in black too, but it gives us a glimpse into the future. Ferrari says the car is already getting assembled at the Oreca di Signes plants, and will mark the return to the racetrack of a Ferrari with a six-cylinder engine. Per the regulations though there won’t be a hybrid element as there is in the road going version. Ferrari says that the race debut for the new car is currently scheduled for 2023, so Maranello has some time to test and hone the new car before it hits the track in anger.

Source: Ferrari

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