Hyundai Motor CEO Jaehoon Chang revealed the automaker's electrification roadmap at the 2022 CEO Investor Day forum. Hyundai Motor Corporation plans to sell 1.87 million BEVs annually by 2030. The Korean automaker will accomplish this by introducing 17 new BEV models by 2030. Eleven of those new BEVs will be Hyundai models and six will be for the Genesis luxury brand.

More EVs On The Way For Hyundai And Genesis

Hyundai Motor Corporation

Hyundai Motor Corporation has raised their target for annual BEV sales to 1.87 million units by 2030. Their previous target was to sell 560,000 BEVs a year by 2025. If the target is reached, then Hyundai Motor will own 7% of the entire global EV market in 2030.

Hyundai plans to achieve these sales targets by introducing 11 new BEVs under the Hyundai brand. The new BEV models will include three sedan models, six SUVs, one light commercial vehicle, and one new type model. The first of these new electric models will be the Ioniq 6 which comes out later this year. The next will be the Ioniq 7 in 2024.

The Genesis luxury brand will have an electrified version of the GV70 coming out this year to go along with the all-electric GV60. The Genesis brand will only introduce new models that are electric starting in the 2025 model year.

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New IMA Platform Plus New Technology

Hyundai Motor Corporation

Hyundai Motor Corporation plans to introduce an Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) platform. This new EV platform will evolve from the electric global modular platform (E-GMP) that is the foundation of the IONIQ 5 and GV60. The IMA platform is being developed to standardize not only a chassis but also battery system and motor. This architecture is suitable for BEVs in all segments, unlike the existing BEV platform which has different types of battery packs for each model. Through the cell-to-pack system, this new architecture can secure sufficient energy density and shorten charging time.

There will be five types of motors available on the IMA platform according to model needs. This modular motor system aides motor efficiency. It also lowers cost and weight as well.

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Hyundai Motor will also develop software architectures to provide a satisfying ownership experience for customers. The company plans to apply an over-the-air (OTA) update to new models starting at the end of 2022. Hyundai is also releasing a Level 3 autonomous driving function which will appear in the Genesis G90 later this year.

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