Introduced at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, the Bugatti Veyron showed Volkswagen's capabilities through the production of one of the world's most powerful vehicle. This is the car that broke the road car top speed world record. The special model, known as the 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition, hit 254.04 mph at Volkswagen’s proving grounds in Ehra-Lessien.

It's one thing to break a world record in a controlled space, but a completely different achievement to push the limits on a public road. The Bugatti Veryon Super Sport Pur Blanc performed exceptionally well on Highway 75 in Idaho.

The numbers might lead you to believe that Veyrons have a spartan cabin. However, they are more like Bentleys than cars designed for high speeds. Exquisite leather upholstery, a comfortable door aperture and body-hugging seats make it a livable machine. Remember the Bugatti Veyron Vivere by Mansory with these 15 sick pics.

15 Vivere Diamond Edition

The Bugatti Veyron Vivere Diamond Edition has been pushing the limits of luxury. The car features unique bodywork with the marble pattern. Inside, the same pattern is combined with black and white leather seats underlined by a lighting system. For extra confidence, Mansory offers a redesigned steering wheel with paddle shifters.

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14 Each Vivere Has Different Configurations

Mansory says that they can add any amount of power you might want. Together with the buyer, they discuss and change performance figures. Other exclusive details include the elegant alloy wheels with slim spokes, the rearview mirror housings made of carbon fiber and the arched grille with the stylized "Vivere-V".

13 The Iconic V-Shape

The name Vivere comes from the iconic V shape. This special edition masterpiece delivers a fast driving experience and the impression of refined luxury. Mansory claims to combine engineering, luxury and demands of their clients. Each unit features hand-picked materials and traditional craftsmanship. The car is in a class of its own.

12 Each Tire Costs $10,000

One of the Bugatti Veyron Vivere's owners teamed up with Daily Driven Exotics to create the most expensive burnout in the world. The Vivere costs $2.3 million, and each tire has a price tag of $10,000 plus shipping costs. When all expenses are factored into the equation, a burnout costs around $150,000.

11 The Vivere Is The 2nd Subject of Mansory's Attention

The Veyron isn't the first Bugatti that's got Mansory's attention and love. But unlike the previous car, the Vincero, the Vivere is more comprehensive on the facelift front. At the same time, there are no engine upgrades. Performance specs can be changed at the buyer's request. Originally, the program is for aesthetic upgrades only.

10 Modified Wings Enhance Aerodynamics

The limited edition Veyron got a new carbon fiber body that's mesmerizing at first sign. Modified wings enhance aerodynamics for an upward thrust. Shorter hood gives the car that sporty and aggressive look. A front apron with a recognizable Bugatti inner grill is produced to sizzle the heat generated by the engine.

9 Mansory Adds More Luxury To The Veyron

Striking, bold and very expensive, Mansory succeeded in adding more luxury to the Bugatti Veyron. The main highlights are the shortened bonnet and the front apron with integrated LED daytime running lights. The kit also features new side skirts, a new diffuser, large air outlets and two air intakes. Everything is made of carbon fiber.

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8 A New Cooling Mechanism

With a permanent all-wheel drive, the engine is pared to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Thanks to the new setup, the Vivere can achieve a top speed of 252 mph. There is a new cooling mechanism to cool the car – huge air outlets with enlarged radiators. The Vivere can hit 100 mph in 7.3 seconds.

7 Interior Tweaks And Twists

Far more than just giving the Bugatti Veyron fancy exterior upgrades, Mansory also changed the interior. Attention to details and little tweaks are staples of the Swiss program. Mansory added LEDs to provide ambient lighting in the doors and the instrument panel. The whole compartment glows and accentuates carbon-fiber applications.

6 The 8.0L W16 Engine Is Under The Hood

The W16 engine pushes the car forward. It packs 1,001 hp at 880 rpm. Under the hood, it is still a Veyron. This limited edition is for people who admire the original idea but want to stand out from the crowd. Mansory said that materials were hardened under high temperatures to ensure the highest quality.

5 The Perfect Lateral And Longitudinal Dynamics

The aim of the carbon fiber structure is to maintain the rigidity of the monocoque to support weight, stress and high speeds. The company says that they have found the perfect way to interlock sections and achieve the necessary level of lateral and longitudinal dynamics. The engine is opened to the view.

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4 Optimum Crash Properties

When the car is so quick, optimum crash properties are required. The company installed highly deformable extruded multi-chamber aluminum profiles in the rear end. They chose extremely strong, aviation-grade stainless steel for the rear chassis. These parts were made by employees who have been certified according to aviation industry standards.

3 The Rigid Front Frame

The main components in the front end are the starter battery, upgraded intercoolers, the steering system, the luggage compartment and the front axle differential. The rigid front frame houses all these vital parts. The monocoque section includes the fuel system, the steering column and the crossbeam with the control panel.

2 The Unique Front End Structure

Bugatti Veyron

Apart from housing different car components, the front end structure provides unique crash properties. The company says it's almost impossible for the construction to deform in case of a crash. The crash energy will just dissipate in the front end. The passenger compartment is virtually undeformable, which ensures passenger safety.

1 The Most Powerful Brakes In The Automotive Industry

The Bugatti Veyron Vivere features the most powerful brakes in the automotive industry. The ceramic discs feature unique structure and size. Deceleration from high speeds can be achieved at more than 2g. The ESP (Electronic Stability Control) has been tested in elaborate trial runs. It remains operational all the way to the top speed.

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