The Volvo 740 is one of the manufacturer's classic cars that were in production from 1984 to 1992 as part of the Volvo 700 line, which was first made as an executive car.

However, the 740 is much more of a sports car, especially thanks to its performance after being kit out with Volvo Turbo engines, just like this one seen on the Snooken Recordings YouTube channel.

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Big Clouds Of Smoke And A Big Audience

Volvo's 740 model is a lower-end version of the manufacturer's 760 models. There is no saying what model year this particular 740 is from. Yet, most 740s are kit out with cheaper engines in comparison to the rest of the lineup, including anything from 2-liter turbo engines to 2.4-liter eight-valve turbo engines.

These engines typically make around 83 horsepower, which isn't huge but is enough to help create a scene and burn out the car to its maximum potential.

Whichever setup this 740 is kit out with, the turbo is certainly loud and proud seeing as it can create impressive clouds of smoke. These clouds of smoke create lots of noise and chatter among the extensive crowd that lines up along the street to watch in amazement.

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Holding Up Traffic

Volvo 740 drift
Via: YouTube

It is typical to see such classic cars racing around the track or creating donuts in parking lots. However, this Volvo 740 takes to the street so that passersby can watch in awe.

The Volvo doesn't burn out once down the street. The driver decides to turn back to give the audience more of a show. In the meantime, the 740 is holding up a lot of traffic. Of which, the oncoming traffic doesn't look too happy about the burning out Volvo 740 as the cars decide to sit as close to the back wheels as possible, especially on its second run.

However, the Volvo 740 Turbo burnout does make quite a thrilling show, so as a viewer and a passerby, it is pretty exciting to watch.

In summary, it isn't every day that you see the late-1980s or early 1990s Volvo 740 burning itself out down the street. It certainly makes for quite an entertaining watch, especially as it disappears into its own ginormous clouds of smoke.

Although the traffic might not be happy, any viewer who loves some car entertainment will be.

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