The love/hate relationship car enthusiasts feel towards the legendary BMW S85 engine is one that has been well-documented. On one hand, it's perhaps the greatest sounding production engine of all time. But on the other hand, it could spin a rod bearing and grenade itself if someone breathes on it the wrong way. Something the guys at DriveTribe are well aware of.

Known for making, shall we say, “questionable” decisions as it relates to reliability, Mike, and the gang at DriveTribe have a history of acquiring polarizing, yet gorgeous vehicles. Today's example is no different with the unveiling of their latest acquisition, an E61 BMW M5 Touring.

The E61 M5 Touring came from an era where German automakers wanted to take their beefiest, most powerful engine, and stuff it into a five-door wagon. The results were nothing short of stunning with the inception of the Audi RS6, Mercedes E55 AMG, and of course, the M5 Touring.

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More V10 Wagons, Please

Although the Audi possesses a V10, and the AMG features an immaculate exhaust note, neither could quite live up to the hype the M5 created. After all, BMW did take it upon themselves to develop an entirely new V10 drivetrain for this particular generation of M-cars, something we've never seen before or since as it relates to wagons; unless you count the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (which we don't because it's technically a shooting brake).

But living the BMW V10 life isn't for the faint of heart, and it's a good thing Mike has Richard Hammond and The Smallest Cog at his disposal. Because if history is any indication, big repair bills are a matter of when, not if when referencing this generation of M vehicles.

But this is something DriveTribe, and more specifically, Clarkson, Hammond, and May have made a living from. Foregoing the practical option for one of passion. Because at the end of the day, for as much time as we're expected to be in a car, you might as well pick the intriguing option.

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As a result of the car's history, it cost “about the same price of an M6” Mike states, before going into detail about its sordid past that would have scared off the majority of interested parties. But those brave enough to fare the harsh world of 10+ year old BMW ownership, will receive 500 horsepower and available revs just short of 8,000 RPM that combine to create a sound that only F1 drivers and supercar owners are familiar with: the satisfying scream of a 10-cylinder engine.

It will be interesting to see what Mike and the guys at The Smallest Cog have in store for the M5, as they've already begun asking the audience what to address first: the paint, or performance.

The smart choice would be to drop that engine and address the rod bearings, but that doesn't make for good content now, does it?

BMW M5 V10 Vs Audi RS6 Vs Mercedes-AMG E55 2
Retro Wagon Race: BMW M5 V10 Vs Audi RS6 Vs Mercedes-AMG E55
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