There is something pretty fantastic about drag racing. It's one of the simplest forms of motorsport. Two cars just going flat out to see who wins. A lot of the time, these drag races feature modified cars, but they can feature some pure stock cars as well. Cars And Zebras on YouTube has posted a video of a 1969 Ford Cobra going up against a 1969 Hurst Olds. And the best bit of all, is both these are pure stock cars.

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The Two Cars Compared

The Cobra was a stripped down muscle car, and was a competitor of the Plymouth Road Runner. Under the hood of the Cobra is a mighty impressive 428 cubic inch V8 engine, that churns out a pretty awesome 335 hp, which is a lot for 1969. The transmission is a three-speed, and it has competition suspension to help it compete with the Road Runner. The Hurt Olds meanwhile Is a stunning car with a 455 cubic inch V8 engine, with a special cast-iron intake manifold. It was factory rated at 380 hp from factory, and it also has a three-speed transmission.

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The Two Cars Drag Race

Ford vs Husrt Finish Line
Cars And Zebras YouTube Channel

The video shows the cars go through a few drag races. The two cars get away quite evenly, but then that extra power of the Hurst Olds starts to kick in, and it inches away. It just keeps the Ford at bay at the finish like, with the Ford only a couple of tenths behind which given that it has around 45 hp less than the Cobra, is pretty impressive. Round two though saw a role reversal, with the Ford Cobra taking the win over the Hurst Olds with a 14.00 second run time compared to 14.15 seconds for the Hurst Olds.

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The Final Round And Reckoning

Ford vs Hurst Ford Cobra Front View
via Cars And Zebras YouTube Channel

The two cars then lined up for another run to see who could come out on top. The start looked quite even between the two cars but again, despite that power disadvantage, the Ford does stretch to a lead that it holds for the rest of the drag run. So it just goes to show that it isn’t just power that can win races. But equally, these races show just how interesting drag racing can be with stock cars of a similar genre from a similar or even the same era.

Source: Cars And Zebras YouTube Channel

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