As a brand that values performance, Audi has a knack for producing high performance versions of its standard car models. Hence, having launched the A4 in 1994, Audi then opted to base the design of the high performance S4 on the A4 starting from 1997. However, the production of the S4 originally started in 1991 as the performance version of the Audio 100, lasting till 1994. Released for the European Market, this model was known as the C4 S4, and it earned rave reviews. This was due to its fantastically sounding turbocharged 5-cylinder and Audi's superior all-wheel-drive system, Quattro. Due to the engine's great success, it was reintroduced in the current RS3 and TTRS lineup.

Then came the second generation S4 known as the B5 S4 – the enthusiast favorite, luxurious, performance sedan. This model was launched in 1997 and its production ended in late 2001, though it was never introduced to the United States until late 1999. The B5 S4 was infamously known for being unreliable, but despite these shortcomings, this platform remains highly desired by European car enthusiasts.

The 2000 Audi S4 is part of the second generation S4 models, and there are several things about this amazing Audi model we have to share with you, including what it costs to acquire a good example today.

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The 2000 Audi S4: Potent Powertrain

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The Audi B5 S4 is quite a significant model in regard to Audi's history. The chassis proved to be a highly capable platform, featuring a 2.7L Biturbo V6. Notably, the 2.7L engine was found in many of the Audi models at the time, such as the C5 A6, C5 Allroad, and B5 RS4. However, these models were all notoriously known to have timing and turbo issues, as well as incessant oil leaks.

Given that there isn't much space in the engine bay, most repairs required you to put your car in “service position” before pulling out the radiator support, and with the inevitable turbocharger replacement and timing service, this wasn’t a cheap car to own.

Despite these issues, the tunability of the engine made up for its shortcomings. The B5 S4 is legendary because of its timeless design, elegant curves, impressive overall engine performance, and a fantastic all-wheel-drive system. The 2000 Audi S4 was only offered as a sedan, though 2001 models offered an avant.

Both of these models came standard with a 2.7L Biturbo V6 pushing out about 250 hp, which was more than what was obtainable from its competitors at the time: the W202 C43 AMG and E36 M3. Also, the engine can either be mated to an automatic 5-speed tiptronic or a 6-speed manual, the choice was yours.

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The 2000 Audi S4: Why Is It A Good Option For You?

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The 2000 Audi S4 was designed with power and luxury in mind. It was for the businessman who needed a quick but classy highway cruiser. Coming with a fully loaded leather interior and two BorgWarner K03 turbos, it was capable of doing just that.

However, owners soon started to test the capabilities of this platform. With minor modifications, such as an ECU tune and exhaust system, the 2000 Audi S4 was capable of pushing 320 hp. With a few more bolt-ons and bigger turbos, it is capable of pushing over 400 hp. This potential for massive horsepower was more than enough for enthusiasts to overlook its shortcomings.

The Audi 2.7T engine came from the factory with forged pistons, though its real Achilles heel were the connecting rods. Throughout the years, enthusiasts have experimented and really tested the power potential of the 2.7t. The standard seems to be a “stage 3” build, which consists of KO4 turbos, downpipes, and various fueling components. The fueling system includes the in-tank fuel pump and injectors, though replacing the 20-year-old rubber hoses wouldn't have been the worst idea. As aftermarket support continues to grow for the platform, the real limitations are still being found.

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The 2000 Audi S4: What Does It Cost Today?

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Automobiles suffer from severe depreciation from the day it was purchased, though some have proved to hold their value better than others. This is the case for the 2000 Audi S4 due to the ever-growing community of European enthusiasts.

The 2000 Audi S4 started at an MSRP of $37,900, excluding optional features. While the KBB value is one thing, its market value is another. Finding one isn’t incredibly hard, as a total of 15,000 B5 S4's were introduced for Americans, though many would have become unaccounted for.

Slightly more difficult is finding one that isn’t beat up. Most suffer from the lack of front bumpers and maintenance that drastically hurt their value. Typically, these can be found for a few thousand dollars. Anything remotely in good condition will run you double that.

The ones harder to find are the perfectly maintained, pristine-conditioned vehicles. These are usually listed on sites like and other auction-style websites. Previous listings for sedans show completed transactions for well over $10,000, and some fetching more than that. Alternatively, the more desired avant seems to cost over $20,000. Modifications often do not impact the value of the cars, while they don't hinder it either. The 2000 Audi S4 is a timeless classic, resulting in its high resale value today.

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