Lexus has filed a trademark application for the TX 550h+ name in the United States. Lexus has previously trademarked the TX350 name. So, this new name suggests a second powertrain for the upcoming TX SUV.

Lexus has yet to release any pictures or other information on the TX series. It will be an all-new three-row SUV built at the Toyota plant in Indiana where the Toyota Sequoia gets assembled.

Plug-in Hybrid With More Power Than TX350

Lexus plug-in port

The new TX 550h+ will likely sit at the top of the TX pecking lineup. The 550 designation indicates it will have more power than the TX350.

The “h+” in the name suggests the TX550h+ will be a plug-in hybrid, just like the NX450h+. It will likely use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with a battery. Electric-only driving options should be possible with this powertrain.

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Lexus has not provided photos of this new SUV. Nor have they released information on pricing or a date when it will go on sale. The TX will likely be a new addition to the Lexus lineup built on the same platform as the Toyota Sequoia.

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