The Chevrolet C10 is one of the most recognizable of all Chevrolet pickup trucks. The C10 was part of the first generation of C/K pickup trucks, with the C indicating it was a two-wheel drive model and the C10 was a half-ton model too. What has made these pickup trucks so popular today is the amount of mods that can be thrown at them. If you are a renderer such as @camm_fish on Instagram, the C10 has even more room for improvement. And he has shared this awesome blown C10 that actually exists.

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Stunning Red Pops Out At You

Before we get into the full details of the truck, lets take a look at the basic aesthetics of the vehicle. It is finished in quite a stunning bright red color, almost blood-red, and looks every bit as aggressive as you might expect. Compare the front of this truck to that of an unmodified example, and it is almost unrecognizable, save for the grille and then the area where the headlights at least used to be. Moving up though, we can really start to see the drastic changes made to this truck.

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Fully Blown C10 Is A Real Monster

It won’t have escaped anyone’s eyes that this C10 is a fully blown monster. The blower can be seen sticking out of the top of the truck quite clearly, with a highly modified hood to accommodate the modifications done to it. It bulges quite significantly in the middle, to keep the rest of the engine hidden but allowing the blower to poke out, the hood either side of the bulge being a lot more in-keeping with the factory design. The front of the truck is of course not the only area where changes are made.

Rear Of The Truck Is Pretty Bulky

The rest of the truck has seen a few changes too. Look at the overall shape and the truck has certainly put on some weight. It is much more of a widebody truck than it was, and it has quite a boxy appearance, again far removed from that of the standard C10. Especially if we look towards the rear of the truck and the wheel fenders. Safe to say, this is one monstrous truck.

Source: Instagram

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