Over the past few years, the alarming number of super-cars getting abandoned along the streets of Dubai has received a lot of press. To start, this has nothing to do with the filthy rich throwing away luxury goods.

The oil-rich nation lures thousands of expats every year, all playing the world's largest legal slot machine; the commodities market. Getting rich quick and getting broke even quicker they quickly learn the intricacies of the Sharia Law system that governs Dubai. Mainly that unpaid debt is a criminal offense, which carries jail time (or deportation).

So rather than defaulting on that unnecessary car loan, they do the sensible thing and book a ticket home leaving these gorgeous cars behind.

10 Jaguar XJ220

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This particular Jaguar XJ220 has been collecting sand for quite some time. Not everyone's favorite when it came out, but with the limited number produced the exclusivity still merits a $1 million price tag in reasonable condition.

9 Ferrari Enzo

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Ferrari is extremely selective when it comes to whom they choose to sell these cars to (as ridiculous as that sounds). So, there is a high probability this one found a way around that system, in all likelihood its life began somewhere outside Dubai.

8 Lamborghini Miura

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One of the most desirable classic Lamborghini’s with a huge fan-base. Even in this condition (not to mention color), it could still command a premium at auction.

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7 Maserati GranTurismo

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Maserati’s tend to be "love them or hate them" cars, even so, this is a sad sight. This is an incredible GT machine just cast off into the desert to wait for a bidder.

6 Lamborghini Gallardo

Abandoned Lambo
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The Gallardo enjoyed a long production life, becoming the go-to super-car of its era. It is therefore an easy car to hate, especially when you consider the kind of people that tend to buy these cars. It still has a glorious V10 and demands more respect than this one is being shown.

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5 Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan
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Another “player's favorite” that is actually an astonishingly good car. This Lambo hasn’t seen any love since it came off the production line, we can only hope it finds a good home and not the crusher.

4 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

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Has to be one of THE most desirable classic cars at the moment, heralded for its innovative doors in an era that had nothing like it. Seeing one in such bad shape is heart-wrenching for any enthusiast.

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3 McLaren 650S

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Another car on this list that has a rather exclusive ownership requirements list, let alone the price tag. If they did their due diligence in this case, the car would probably not be sitting here in the desert.

2 Ferrari F40

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This was Enzo Ferrari’s last project, a true race car for the streets. It took all the latest race technology of the day and brought it to its loyal customer base; as the car was only available to current Ferrari owners at the time. So, to see one sitting here like this is pretty shocking!

1 Ford Mustang Eleanor

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Quite possibly the most famous Mustang thanks to its exploits in Hollywood, this in itself makes it not only desirable but also something of a brand within the brand. The staggering value speaks for itself, and the owner of this one clearly could not keep up with the overly steep payments.

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