Koenigsegg has broken the 0-249-0 mph record in the Regera hypercar.

This is a bit of an obscure record that really only exists for hypercars--mostly because only hypercars can actually reach 249 mph (400 kph). Even so, the record is still a bit irrelevant since no car will ever accelerate to 249 mph and then back down to zero again immediately afterward. It's just a method of gauging engine and brake power.

It also takes a long, flat, and straight surface to perform the test, so we don't see it that often since few surfaces provide a long enough runway. Koenigsegg actually had to use a literal runway in order for their record attempt, heading to a former military airfield with a landing strip about 2 km long. Combined with another 300 m of taxiway, the total distance Koenigsegg had to play with was roughly 1.43 miles (2,300 m).

Apparently, that was still enough for the Regera to spool up to 249 mph and then back down to a standstill, beating the old record held by the Agera RS by almost 2 full seconds.

The Regera's 0-400-0 mph time was just 31.49 seconds. It took 22.87 seconds and 1,613.2 m (5,293 feet) for the Regera to reach 400 kph (249 mph), and then another 8.62 seconds and 435.26 m (1,428 feet) to get back down to zero. Total distance was 2,048.46 m or 6,721 feet.

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“This was a good opportunity to showcase the true capability of the Regera’s one-of-a-kind Direct Drive transmission,” said Christian Von Koenigsegg in a statement. “As the Regera only has one gear we had to make use of it from standstill to the record top speed of 403 km/h (or 250 mph) limited by rpm.

“The car reaches its top speed like there is no tomorrow, but then there are no more gears. This actually suits the philosophy behind the Regera, which is ‘whoever gets to 400 km/h first wins’.”

Now, if Koenigsegg would make a record attempt for a top speed run, that'd be something to get excited about.

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