Is it easy to forget that behind all the fame and fortune, celebrities are still human. Once the cameras stop turning, movie stars still have a life to live just like the rest of us. Some might lead a more glamorous life while others are a bit more low key.

Outside of their on-screen persona, celebrities still have their own hobbies and passion. The biggest difference is that being part of the wealthy allows most Hollywood stars to pursue them. Our focus point today is one of the most beloved men to ever grace the earth, Keanu Reeves.

The star of The Matrix lives a rather modest life outside the silver screen. A quick search on the internet and you'll find more than a few stories about Keanu's down to earth lifestyle and his many generous gestures.

But the internet sweetheart also has another side to him, his deep-rooted passion for motorcycles is a part of him that most fans tend to be unaware of. And yet it is one of the biggest parts of his life, so much so that he has started his own company known as Arch Motorcycles.

Keep on reading for a more detailed look into Arch Motorcycles, Keanu Reeves' passion project.

Origin Of The Passion

Keanu on ARCH bike

Keanu Reeves' passion for motorcycles wasn't developed until a little later in his life. According to Vanity Fair, he didn't even learn how to ride a bike until he was 22 years old.

During the interview, Keanu said, “I was taught by a young lady when I was filming in Munich. When I got back to L.A., I got a similar bike and then I went and got a Norton Commando. Those were the early days. As I was working, if I was filming, I would go to a used bike shop, buy a bike, work, and then sell it back. I had a chance to ride a lot of different kinds of bikes.”

This newfound interest is what led him down the path of more serious bike ownership. This eventually steered him to a fortunate meeting in 2007, when Reeves got acquainted with a custom bike builder.

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The Founders

ARCH Founders Keanu Gard

In the eye of the public, Keanu Reeves will always be the one to represent Arch Motorcycles, but he is actually not the only one behind the company. The other half is Gard Hollinger, the custom bike builder mentioned above.

Gard first met Keanu in 2007, when the latter asked him to do some custom work on his Harley-Davidson. Although Gard had initially turned him down, that interaction became the very first step to their partnership.

After spending some time together, Gard eventually agreed to build Keanu a custom bike. The bike that was so amazing it gave him the idea of starting a motorcycle company. According to an interview with MSN, Keanu convinced Gard with the rather simple idea, "Because we’re gonna die!," Reeves said, "And what that meant to me was that I want to create something. That motorcycle has to be in the world—let’s make something that is beautiful!"

And thus, in 2011, Arch Motorcycles was officially created. Their first production bike was the KRGT-1, launched in 2014, it was branded as an American performance cruiser. With a starting price of $78,000, it easily tops the chart of the most expensive bikes on the market.

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What's Special?

ARCH motorcycles

So what makes Arch motorcycles special? Why would anyone pay such a steep price for them when similar performance bikes exist at a much lower price point?

A simple way to explains this is by comparison. If you think about Arch Motorcycle as a two-wheeled equivalent to Paganis, then everything starts to make sense. In this regard, Keanu says it best, "The line I kept saying is, ‘I want a production custom motorcycle you can ride.’ High-end quality fit and finish with a custom experience for the customer, so we fit the bike to them, to make the KRGT-1 their bike."

This isn't some mass-marketed motorcycle, Arch motorcycles are a work of passion, where every part of the manufacturing process is done with utmost care. Something as simple as the fuel tank takes up to 30 hours of work to complete. Not just the fuel tank but every part of their creation is custom made with the best material available.

And then comes the custom-tailored experience for every customer. According to Web Bike World, a single technician is responsible for building the motorcycle from start to finish, allowing him to make sure that every aspect of the machine is tailored to the buyer's preference.

The result is a unique and high-product that is tailored to a buyer's specification like a made to measure suit. Of course, after-sales services are also well above average, including anywhere and anytime one-on-one support.

Taking all of these into account, we can understand the asking price for an Arch motorcycle, and considering the million-dollar price tag for a Pagani supercar, Keanu's motorcycles are quite the bargain.

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