Joe Biden is the newest President of the United States of America. Before he became president, Joe was known as a huge car collector. He has some of the rarest classic cars in his collections.

President Joe Biden had to give up driving his car in order for him to become president. We are going to take a look at some of the cars that he has had in his possession. We will also have a look at his car journey and see where he started and where he is now in terms of cars he is driving.

President Joe Biden not only lives in the White House now, but he also owns one of the most astonishing car collections!

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What was his first car?


President Joe Biden’s first car was a 1951 Studebaker. The Studebaker Champion is an automobile that was produced by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. It was produced from the beginning of 1939 until 1958. It was a full-size car in its first three generations and a mid-size car in its fourth and fifth-generation models, serving as the junior model to the Commander.

The car that Joe Biden has was part of the third generation. The styling included a new rear window, flat front fenders, as well as convenience features like backlight illumination for gauges and automatic courtesy lights. A fun fact is that the Champion made up 65.08% of the total sales for the automaker in 1947.

The car came with a 169.9 cu in, 2.8L I6 engine. The engine could produce 85 horsepower which was not bad in those days. The car also came with an automatic transmission. One of the new styling features on the cars was the wraparound, "greenhouse" rear window that was on 2-door, 5-passenger coupes from 1947–1951.

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What car did President Joe Biden take to his senior prom?

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President Biden is the son of a former Chrysler Dealership manager of some 34 years. His dad also ran operations at Ford for a short time. That meant that The president was around a lot of iconic cars back in the day. He once said in an interview:

"I remember my senior prom, being able to take a 7,000-mile Chrysler 300D off the lot,"

The Chrysler Letter Series were high-performance personal luxury cars that were built by Chrysler in the United States from 1955 to 1965. They were cars that focused on performance, so they can be considered one of the muscle car’s ancestors. They were full-sized cars and very expensive.

This was the same time that Chrysler produced the rare but powerful D model in 1958. It made some 380 horsepower thanks to a 392 cubic inch 6.4-liter V8. Thirty-five cars were built with fuel injection and delivered 390 horsepower. A total of 618 hardtops and 191 convertibles were produced.

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What cars did President Joe Biden have in his car collection that he had to give up?

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President Joe Biden is not only one of the most important men in America at the moment, but he is also known as a gearhead. He loves his cars and he has some of the most magnificent cars in his collection.

First off, he has a Mercedes-Benz 190SL. It is not known which year model he has, though they produced 190SLs from 1955- to 1963. The car comes with a 1.9 L straight-four SOHC engine that produces 104 horsepower. You can really feel the power underneath the hood of this car.

A car that is closest to his heart is his 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. This car has been finished in Goodwood-green and is powered by a 327 cubic-inch V8 engine. This demon of a car can produce 350 horsepower! The convertible was a wedding gift to Joe Biden from his father in the August of 1967 and still sits in his garage. It is understandable why this car is a sentimental part of his life.

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The iconic Presidential Limousine that Joe Biden now drives in

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President Joe Biden is currently driving around in ‘The Beast’. This was the Cadillac limo that was built for Donald Trump. The windows have five layers of glass and polycarbonate. This ensures that the windows can withstand huge bullet shots. There are five-inch-thick military-grade armored tires on this car as well. Finally, the doors have been equipped with explosion prevention foam to survive a direct RPG hit.

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2023: The year in which the presidential Limousine gets a makeover

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The next presidential limousine could begin its engineering phase around 2023. The body itself might not undergo a lot of changes when it comes to the layout of the car. We do expect that an electric presidential limousine could allow Cadillac to showcase their turn to EVS. The new president and Vice President have made it clear that they are all about climate change, so we are hoping when it comes time to design a new presidential car, their standings on environmental awareness will showcase in the car design.

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