Now that our president has settled into the White House and has started his new daily routine of running one of the most powerful countries in the world, it is now time to talk about his stylish wheels.

Turns out that the president isn’t allowed to drive on the public roads in his own personal cars. We are certain that this must upset the new president because he is a classic Corvette owner and car enthusiast. We are going to tell you everything there is to know about the official limousine the president is driven around in when the Air Force One is a little too big to park. Obviously, the Limo was delivered by GM themselves.

The Beast is the official Limo that the president drives around in BUT… it is not the most expensive presidential Limo to exist in the United States.

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Everything there is to know about The Beast 2.0

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The Beast is the World’s safest car! This newly presidential armored limousine was inducted into the Secret Service fleet back in 2018, during Donald Trump’s presidency. This model took over from the previous Beast, which came into service in 2009. It is an all-new Cadillac-based model Limo.

This Beast is considered to be the most sophisticated vehicle for transporting a head of the state. As you can imagine, the car was under work for a very long time. The limo has a custom-built, medium-duty truck frame design and it is the one and only of its kind in the world.

There are more than two Beast 2.0 that were delivered to the Secret Service. This allows them to have decoy limos at their disposal. It is common for you to see two presidential limos during the motorcade.

The Beast 2.0 Cadillac Limo has a grille with a common design language that can be found on the Cadillac Escalade concept car. The only difference is that the grille is the only common thing the two cars have.

All the limousines are built similarly. They are heavily armored with 5-inch thick glass and 8-inch thick doors. To put the weight into perspective for you, the cars’ glass and doors weigh as much as a commercial aircraft door. The car is made using titanium, ceramics as well as a bombproof plate that covers the underside of the vehicle.

Now to get to the meat of the car, the limo is powered by a 5.0 liter diesel engine. They use diesel because it is less flammable in a firefight.

Of course, the vehicle is equipped with safety measures such as night-vision gear, oxygen supply, and run-flat tires. The Beast is like a vehicle out of James Bond because it can fire gas canisters out the front bumper!

When the Beast 2.0 retires, all decommissioned cars are dismantled as well as destroyed with the assistance of the Secret Service. This seems like a lot of work that needs to be done to such an amazing piece of automotive art.

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What cars form part of the Presidential Motorcade?

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There are between 24-45 different vehicles that move around and form the presidential motorcade when The Beast is in motion. You have:

-The Beast

-Vehicles for security

-Vehicles for healthcare workers

-Vehicles for the press

-Vehicles to help route clearing as well as others

All of the cars are there for a purpose. You have police cars that surround the motorcade. A spare Limo in case they need a backup, and it is used as a decoy. The security cars include the Secret Service Team, Rapid Response Team, Control and support staff as well as Electronic surveillance.

If you look at the Healthcare worker cars, You have a Hazardous materials team as well as an ambulance.

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What people don’t know about the Beast 2.0

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In order to ensure that the president stays safe, the Secret Service does not call the limo the Beast, they have a code name for the car known as ‘Stagecoach’.

The Beast is not a fast car at all. It has a powerful engine but due to the weight and the heavy weapons in the car, it can go about 60 MPH in about 15 seconds.

Inside the car itself, there is room for 5 people. The president also carries bags of his blood type in the car in case of emergencies. There is room for cans of spray oil in case the car is being chased.

Did you know that the windows of the car are just there for show? None of the windows can roll down except for the driver’s window which can only go down by 3 inches.

The only people who know how to open up the Beast is in fact the Secret Service and no one else.

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How much does the Beast cost?

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With all the bells and whistles of the Beast Limo, you would think that the vehicle costs an arm and a leg. Tuns out, the limo is actually cheaper than what you would expect.

The Beast 2.0 costs about $ 1.5 million per vehicle. It is not known how many of these vehicles are owned by the Presidential party but that is still cheaper than a 2021 Bugatti Chiron.

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What is the most expensive US presidential Limo to date?

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Did you know that the current Beast is not the most expensive presidential limo? Turns out, the infamous 1962 Lincoln Continental that drove John F Kennedy was the most expensive presidential vehicle out of all the cars. If you take inflation into consideration, the Lincoln cost around $1.74 million.

One would think that after Kennedy was assassinated, his vehicle would be thrown away. It was not. It was refitted and updated. It was given Armor platting in the doors as well as a new bulletproof roof and stayed in service throughout the Johnson and Nixon administrations. You can now see this car on display at Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.

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