NASCAR is ready to bring the party right over to Austin, Texas, later this year. The series will make its debut at the Circuit Of The Americas, with the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and the Camping World Truck Series all heading to the F1 United States Grand Prix venue. One of the fan favorites this year in the Truck Series is Hailie Deegan, who also loves to vlog her race weekends on YouTube. She has headed to the famous Austin track to get a few extra laps in before NASCAR's own debut.

Skip Barber Provided Deegan With The Test Opportunity

The opportunity to test out the track early came thanks to the Skip Barber Racing School, and Deegan was able to get behind the wheel of a 325-hp Mustang to allow her to get her eye in. Other NASCAR drivers were also taking part, such as Ross Chastain and Quin Houff. Out on the track, Deegan says she will only get two hours of truck practice when NASCAR is at the venue, so any laps she can get done early will certainly help out.

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A Few Pointers Were Handed Out To Help Deegan

Hailie Deegan, Circuit of the Americas
via YouTube

After a few laps on her own, Deegan gets a few pointers from one of the Skip Barber instructors who were there on the day. He said that she had to manhandle the car a bit on some corner entries and get a bit further onto the curbs in some areas. After that, and a brief chat with Chastain and co, Deegan heads back out onto the circuit to get her eye in once again. She thinks that turn 1, the steep uphill climb, is going to be one of the toughest corners to drive.

Deegan Looked To Have Had A Lot Of Fun Around The Texas Venue

Hailie Deegan, Circuit of the Americas
via YouTube

Deegan also looked at where she could go off the track in the truck race, and re-join and it all be good. There will probably be a few elbows out when it comes to all of the NASCAR series races in the month of May.

Deegan though said that the track is a lot of fun, and not quite as technical as you first thing and that the test day was very helpful in preparing for the truck race. NASCAR will be hoping they can put on a good show for the Texas crowd later this month.

Source: YouTube

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