Quite often, in a stereotype-destroying manner, several superwomen through passion, grit, and huge temerity have risen to the pinnacle of events mostly dominated by men. For context, having won races, made podiums, made several racing news headlines for more of the right reasons, and created history while at it, a certain young lady is on the brink of motorsport greatness. A budding motorsport superstar, she’s Hailie Rochelle Deegan.

Born July 18, 2001, Deegan is an American professional stock car racing driver. Notably, she grew up racing off-road and on dirt, but with a gaze firmly fixated on a career in stock car racing, Deegan switched to competing on asphalt in 2016. One of motorsport’s unicorns, Deegan, who had previously driven for Toyota Racing Development, now drives for Ford Performance. Relatively young, but her journey into racing has been glorious and inspiring. Hence, here are some notable details of an amazing racing prodigy, the incredible Hailie Deegan.

8 Daughter Of A Motocross Legend

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Born July 18, 2001, Hailie Deegan is the first child of Brian and Marissa Deegan. Her mother Marissa Deegan is a native of California, and she’s a joint owner of Deegan Motorsport alongside her husband. However, Hailie’s father Brian Deegan has long been in motorsport headlines.

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Notably, Brian Deegan is a Motocross legend. He is the first freestyle motocross rider to do a twisting backflip 360, popularly called an “underflip” in a competition, and he’s the most decorated freestyle motocross rider in X Games history.

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7 Inspired By Dad

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Deegan became keenly interested in Off-Road Short Course Racing after seeing her dad dominate the sport in his class. The inspiration she got from her dad’s wins made her plead with her dad to try out racing in the Junior Class.

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Hence, she borrowed Trophy karts from some racing friends to test out her mettle. Dad then helped Deegan out by building her a short course complete with jumps and hoops at the back of the house. Deegan loved the sport after trying it out.

6 Started Racing At 7

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While it isn’t a guarantee for success, however, it’s always advisable for people to start their sporting career very early in life. This often affords ample time to learn and relearn while making the necessary adjustments that are needed to get to the peak of their chosen endeavors.

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This idea wasn’t lost on Deegan’s parents. Hence, she began her riding adventure quite early, riding dirt bikes at seven. For her eighth birthday, Deegan was gifted a Trophy Kart, hence she competed in short course off-road racing.

5 Got Her First Win At 8

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At age eight, competing in the Junior Kart Class in Mickey Thompson Tires/Kal Gard Lubricant SXS Stadium Series, Deegan got to her first competitive win. Notably, and even more inspiring, the event was Deegan’s first race.

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However, she completely dominated it even against more experienced drivers in her class, while competing in her No. 138 Trophy Kart. It was only a reward for the immense hard work she puts in. Deegan had practiced hard for the race with the help of her dad.

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4 She’s A Graduate

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Combining schooling with a racing career isn’t easy, nonetheless, Deegan successfully graduated from high school in 2018. She attended the Rancho Christian High School in her hometown of Temecula and as a rookie on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, Deegan also had to do a lot of homeschooling, so she could devote time to racing.

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Billed to race on her graduation day, Deegan wore a graduation cap and gown over her racing suit as she was presented with her Diploma, as a surprise at the Sonoma Raceway.

3 2nd Female NASCAR Touring Series Winner Ever

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Having joined the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program in 2016, Deegan went ahead to receive the NASCAR Diversity Young Racer award the next year. In 2018, she was announced as a full-time driver in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West (now known as the ARCA Menards Series West) for Bill McAnally Racing (BMR).

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She also later became the first female driver to win races in the Series West, carting home victories in 2018 and 2019. With the victory, Deegan became the second woman in history to win a NASCAR touring race.

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2 1st Ever Female Pole Winner In NASCAR

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In 2018, at the Star Nursery 100, Deegan posted a speed of 84.392 mph to win the pole in the K&N Series. Hence, the American racing driver led the Star Nursery 100 field to green at the half-mile Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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In essence, Deegan made history as she became the first female K&N pole winner and ultimately the first female pole winner in NASCAR history. She later won her heat race before finishing second in the feature event.

1 Loves Charitable Works

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Charity typically involves raising money or providing other forms of help to the less privileged in society. As a charity, sportspeople often use their fame or wealth to influence amazing partnerships geared towards providing quick relief for the needy in society.

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In 2020, Deegan partnered with Ford to provide 3,325 pounds of turkey to several families in Detroit. Again, during the Christmas holiday seasons, she partnered with fellow Ford driver Joey Logano for the distribution of facemasks and hams to foundations based in North Carolina.

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