Fans of racing will usually tell you that they follow either one of the two: NASCAR or F1. There are probably more differences than similarities between the two races because of obvious things like the race track and the type of cars involved. Depending on the preferences of the spectator, you may favor one over the other, or you might enjoy both.

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While most fans are after the speed and the drama that can happen on the race track, there are other factors influencing why we follow and prefer one over the other. Here are some of the reasons why NASCAR is better than F1, and some reasons why it is not.

10 It’s for Everyone

Fans obviously flock to the race circuits for the action on the course. However, beyond the racing are events that make it a family-friendly affair. Children can come with their parents and enjoy the different booths available in NASCAR circuits.

There are fan zones where families can choose food and drink from different concessions, entertainment booths that sometimes have inflatables for children and interactive games for everyone, and merchandise trailers where fans can buy items carrying the name of their favorite teams. There is no reason to leave anyone at home because your children will surely enjoy not only the race but all the other activities as well.

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9 More Female Drivers

NASCAR is one of the very few sports where women not only get to participate, but they get to contend for the same prize against male counterparts. The women drivers of NASCAR are trailblazers because they opened the world of equal opportunity in a sport that is traditionally considered a man’s world.

There is no discrimination among genders when it comes to the track—women can pass men anytime, can get a little rough on the track, and earn their checkered flag. Although there are still leaps and bounds to be made in ensuring equal treatment on and off the track, NASCAR has made it clear that there will be no special separate packaging for female drivers. They will all be treated as NASCAR drivers.

8 The venue is a Coliseum

A NASCAR race track is oval in design. While some think this is boring for a car race, there are advantages of having an oval track in a condensed area. It’s usually held in a coliseum or arena where the audience can see the whole race. F1 fans will be left wondering what happened to the rest of the race once cars pass their area since F1 races are usually held in grandstands.

NASCAR races are usually likened to a marathon where endurance is the key to winning. The proximity of the crowd in a NASCAR race gives more excitement and life to both driver and spectator. The audience are right there where they can see all the action that happens on the track.

7 Fan Appreciation Day

If there is one thing that NASCAR is loved for, it’s how they show their gratitude to their fans. The annual Fan Appreciation Day is an event that fans look forward to. Current stars and legends of NASCAR racing attend the event where fans can participate in question-and-answer programs, see the racing cars up close, and even have their memorabilia signed by their idols.

A whole day filled with events that can be enjoyed for free on a first-come, first-served basis is prepared by NASCAR. They can also register to see the NASCAR Hall of Fame for a chance to see cars, suits, and accessories of the race displayed in an exhibit.

6 Fantasy League

The NASCAR Fantasy Live is an online league where players can build their own teams, pick their own roster, and race in a season similar to what NASCAR follows. The scoring system follows the official system used by NASCAR. One season of the Fantasy Live covers 26 regular races. You will be able to test your knowledge on drivers and finances as you draft your team, balance the classes, and manage the salary caps.

This is a relatively easy game to get into, especially if you’re new to the online gaming world. But fans of the real thing enjoy the fantasy race as they get to feel what it is like to own and manage their own NASCAR team, albeit a fantasy one.

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5 Technology

NASCAR may be the all-time American favorite racing tournament but when it comes to innovation, F1 deserves to be recognized. The cars in NASCAR look like those that you can buy in at a dealership, although modified inside and out. In F1, technology is displayed at its finest. Car enthusiasts marvel at the engineering and design of the models used in the races.

In F1, we can see how discoveries are transferred to the race. Billions of dollars are moved to push teams not only to make faster cars but also more economical and greener ones. Though we may never see F1 cars on the road, there is no denying that technology is more advanced here than in NASCAR.

4 Length of the Race

If NASCAR is a marathon, F1 is like a sprint. The former have races that can last over 5 hours while F1 races can be over in 2 hours tops. The reason is that NASCAR is not finished until the race is over, regardless of how long it takes. In F1, whoever is ahead after 2 hours wins the race.

Pit stops are also shorter in F1 compared to NASCAR. This length takes a toll on spectators who may get bored after a couple of hours. In F1, there is no time to sleep. You can’t miss the start of the race as this may largely dictate who will win in the end. If you’re after speed, then F1 is the choice for you.

3 Race Track

Some people get their high from watching cars bump and crash into each other while others enjoy the thrill of the race itself. NASCAR is largely seen as a race of endurance because the track is an oval one. There are no sharp turns as the speedway is just the same in any location it is held. Among critics, it’s said the drivers just need to know how to turn left in order to join NASCAR.

In F1, there are road courses and circuits that may differ from one race to another. Throughout the season, drivers may face curves, turns, and narrow courses that make it hard to race side by side.

2 Global Reach

While NASCAR is an all-American favorite, the global reach of F1 has grown significantly over the years. Largely due to its early employment of YouTube as its digital platform as well as the broadcast of races on television, each F1 race garners tens of millions of viewers. The use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also increased the number of fans.

By making content more accessible to viewers around the world, more and more spectators flock to circuits whenever F1 holds a race. The average age of F1 fans is 40-years-old, making them on par with fans of other major sports.

1 Teamwork

Many people are involved in making a group win. The same is true in the world of racing. There are some things that need to be improved in NASCAR. While everyone works hard, especially at pit stops, having 4 drivers racing on the track puts a strain on the teamwork of the group. When the race starts, it’s every man for himself.

On the track, each driver has the choice to drive for his own win or to avoid accidents for the team. The decision may spell the difference between a single driver winning or all drivers of the team getting into the next leg of the race. Though no sport or league is perfect, the format of NASCAR sometimes puts tension on team members.

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