Can you imagine yourself racing through the nighttime streets of Italy in a fire-breathing Japanese sports car? Follow along as the Monky London YouTube channel rides along in a tuned, big winged, big turbo, Mazda RX7 that is sure to wake the neighborhood.

Fire Breathing Mazda RX7 Assaults Italian Streets

This Monky London YouTube video is just over 13 minutes total length, but the first six minutes cover the host on a road trip to Italy where he finally meets the Mazda RX7's owner. While the host is reasonably entertaining, unless you enjoy six minutes of road-trip monologue, skip ahead to see the cars. One Japanese performance car after another greets us as we step into the garage. Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan are well represented and tuned to peak performance.

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Finally, one engine after another roars to life as they shuffle cars around to free the Mazda RX7 from its place inside the garage. Backing from its parking spot, the big wing on the back of the RX7 dominates the screen. However, the sound rumbling from the Mazda's exhaust hints at the power lurking under the hood.

The red-lit gauges inside the RX7 cockpit monitor the car's vital statistics and remind us that this is no ordinary RX7. The car screams through the narrow Italian streets with poise, but the fire shooting from the exhaust pipe lets us know it means business.

The Fire Breathing Mazda RX7 Specs

Fire Breating Mazda RX7
via Monky London

Mazda introduced the RX7 as a two-seater sports car in 1978 and continued production until 2002. Interestingly, the Mazda RX7 exceeds Japanese width regulations, causing its owners to suffer additional tax penalties to own them. Each of the three generations of RX7s featured the Wankel rotary engine, producing from 100 horsepower in the carbureted 12A engine up to 276 hp in the sequential twin-turbocharged 13B-REW option.

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The Mazda RX7 featured in this video exceeds even the most potent 13B-REW stock engine offering, with an estimated 400 hp. The primary power gain comes from a big single Borg Warner turbocharger with a zMax kit pushing 13-psi boost. That power routes to the Mazda's rear-wheel-drive through a six-speed manual transmission.

The performance of the Mazda RX7 represents a complete package of power, handling, and stylish looks. The RX7 is one of the most elegant and powerful sports cars Japan ever produced, rivaling the legendary Toyota Supra as perhaps the greatest of all time.

Mazda RX 7
The Owners Of These Mazda RX7s Modified Their Cars To Perfection
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