The Dobre brothers found a 1997 MKIV Toyota Supra to challenge their Ferrari 488 Pista in their recent YouTube video. The recently posted video shows two drag races and a rolling start showdown between the Supra and the Ferrari.

A Dream Matchup: Toyota Supra Vs. Ferrari 488 Pista

At first, we get some good video shots of the AllStar Automotive Toyota Supra rolling up to meet the Dobre brothers. The 25-year-old right-side-drive Supra is sparkling white and sounds healthy even for its advanced age. After the AllStar Automotive Supra driver greets the Dobre brothers, they immediately begin asking questions to get the details on this classic.

This 1997 Toyota Supra MKIV engine compartment houses a legendary 2JZ 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine equipped with a single turbocharger and a six-speed manual transmission. The Supra's driver openly answers the brothers' questions, but when they ask him to pop the hood to look at the engine compartment, he hesitates before agreeing to do so. Then, as the questions turn to the Supra's horsepower, the driver claims the car's horsepower is unknown.

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As the cars prepare to race by warming up their tires, the Supra is clearly making a lot of power, leaving a pile of abraded rubber as it launches off the line. The Supra engine bounces off the rev-limiter as it roars down the track on its warm-up pass. The brothers speculate the Supra makes between 850 and 1,000 hp, but they are confident their Ferrari 488 Pista can cover it.

The racing is uneventful, as the Ferrari easily wins both standing start digs and the rolling start showdown. The Supra keeps the Ferrari honest during the rolling start, but it isn't close at the finish line.

Toyota Supra MKIV History

1997 Toyota Supra MKIV
via Dobre Cars

The Toyota Supra appeared on the market in April 1978. The MKIV designation relates to its place as the fourth edition of this remarkable line of Toyotas unveiled in 1993. The MKIV's popularity launched into the stratosphere with its inclusion into the Fast & Furious universe and forever cemented upon Paul Walker's death as the Supra was his character's car.

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Besides being a fan-favorite movie car, the Toyota Supra MKIV earns high praise for its sturdy engineering, bulletproof inline six-cylinder engine, and smooth shifting transmission.

Pay no attention to the winners and losers of this race because this race isn't about that. Instead, it's about celebrating a classic car and watching as a group of young men revel in its glory.

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