Some people rescue dogs, others rescue Roadrunners. Watch as Brad from Poor Boys Garage lays out his plan to revive a classic Chrysler muscle car, a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner drag car from a field to the No Name Nationals invitational drag race scheduled to begin on Friday, September 30, 2022.

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Rescue

A few months ago, Brad and a friend rescued a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner from a field behind a barn. But this isn't just any 1969 Roadrunner, this car is already prepped for drag racing, complete with a roll cage, racing fuel cell, and some pretty sweet “Beep Beep” racing graphics on the side. Brad initially bought another car from that field and helped his friend buy the Roadrunner by going in halves on the purchase price.

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With Brad's Poor Boys Garage YouTube channel gaining popularity, he found himself invited to the American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) No Name Nationals drag race in Princeton, West Virginia later this year. Brad could not think of a better car for the project than the rescued Roadrunner, so he bought his friend's half, making him the sole owner of a sound drag car beginning. While the Roadrunner has some essential equipment for drag racing, it sat in a field for years and does not have an engine or transmission.

A Call To Action For Fans Of Poor Boys Garage

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Rescue Needs Help
via Poor Boys Garage

Brad found an engine at a local automotive machine shop that needed a new home, another rescue project? But the road to Princeton and the No Name Nationals is long and expensive to travel. Brad needs your help and has a lot of his previous project vehicles for sale. If you're interested, you should check out his YouTube channel.

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Meanwhile, Brad plans to document the journey by posting videos of the process beginning at the back of the car and working his way forward, more or less. After introducing the car and the “why” behind acquiring it, Brad begins by cleaning out the racing fuel cell of debris and old fuel buildup. Then he goes underneath to clean up electrical grounding connections to ensure consistent electrical continuity.

The last part of the video shows Brad opening and responding to fan mail, and then rescuing yet another car from a forest.

This time the car in question looks like a late 1960s Plymouth Satellite, but we'll have to wait for another video where Brad will provide more details on the car in question.

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