Dreaming of owning a Lamborghini Diablo VT but are a little short of funds? Richard Rawlings and his Gas Monkey Garage just closed the deal on a sweet Diablo VT replica kit car by trading a beater Ford LTD, an even worse truck, and a little cash for it.

Oddball Lamborghini Diablo VT

On this episode of Gas Monkey Garage, the first ten minutes of video show a Chevy Chevelle that hid next door to the garage since before Rawlings' moved in, and some other cool automobiles at a car show attended by the team. Skip ahead to the ten-minute mark, as Dustin from Current River Classic Cars walks into Rawlings' office to tease him with a deal on a Lamborghini Diablo. At first, Rawlings isn't interested in buying a new project, but when he hears what Dustin has on the trailer, he's ready to go look at it.

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Waiting outside for Rawlings is by all appearances a Lambo Diablo VT that needs a little work. Dustin says the car runs and drives, but the starter is “a little wonky.” When the car does run, it produced 1,400 rear-wheel horsepower on a dyno with print-outs to prove it. Rawlings calls out his Lamborghini expert, who quickly realizes something isn't quite right and that the car is a kit car replica, albeit a good replica.

Lamborghini Diablo VT Replica

Lamborghini Diablo VT
via Gas Monkey Garage

Kit cars are often built on cheap production car chassis and drive trains. This car, however, is a North American Exotic Replica built around a custom RKS chassis and powered by a supercharged LS6 engine. Highlights of the build include dual coil over shocks on the rear, air ride front suspension, and real Lamborghini pieces like gauges, center console, and steering wheel.

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This Lambo VT replica also comes with printed manuals and only needs electrical wiring, finished interior, and installation of the included exterior pieces, but Rawlings does not like the blue paint currently on the car. Ultimately, Rawlings recognizes the value of a daily driver package wrapped in Lamborghini style.

Let's Make A Deal, Gas Monkey Style

Diablo VT Negotiations
via Gas Monkey Garage

Dustin's sales pitch includes noting the car has a $22,000 Porsche transmission, and a $45,000 engine, but he'll sell it to Rawlings for $30,000. Rawlings suggests they trade instead of doing an all cash deal. When Dustin expresses interest in an old Ford LTD and a beat up Ford 4×4 that Rawlings has a total of $4,500 invested, Rawlings knows he has him on the ropes.

They finally shake hands on a deal trading the Lambo for the LTD, the truck, and $2,000 cash.

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