Manufactured in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Quadro International, the Sherp is a sport utility task vehicle that stands alone in terms of capabilities and characteristics. But will it survive falling through the ice on a frozen lake?

Driving the Sherp onto a Frozen Lake

In this episode of Rich Rebuilds, Rich Benoit and Steven Salowsky take the Sherp ice fishing. If you want to avoid their pre-adventure trip to Walmart, skip ahead to the 4:30 time stamp on the video to get right into the action. Or is what we see better described as shenanigans?

As they arrive at the lake's edge, we get our first glimpse of the Sherp as it sits on wrinkled, barely inflated tires on a trailer. Using the Sherp's exhaust to inflate the tires, the guys finally launch the vehicle onto the frozen lake. With the oversized paddle tires crunching through the snow on top of the frozen lake's surface, they begin to question the sanity of their latest venture.

On the ice, the Sherp is as graceful as any figure-skating hippopotamus. With its aggressive paddle tires, all-wheel-drive, and low center of gravity, the Sherp is quite capable of negotiating the slippery surface of the frozen lake. Benoit and Salowsky take the Sherp for a drive to thin ice and break through, but the Sherp is capable of floating, driving through the water, and climbing back onto the thick lake ice.

Using the Sherp for Ice Fishing

via Rich Rebuilds

Finally, getting down to the intended purpose of their trip, the guys happen to meet a random stranger on the ice willing to exchange a chance to drive the Sherp for teaching them to ice fish. More shenanigans ensue as Benoit drills an ice fishing hole with a lot of help from the random stranger and then steps into the hole, getting his foot wet and risking frostbite. Luckily, the Sherp doubles as a heated ice fishing shanty, allowing Benoit to dry out his socks and continue fishing.

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After darkness descends on the frozen lake and the temps drop to 9 degrees Fahrenheit, Benoit finally catches a fish that looks suspiciously like a frozen salmon fillet one might purchase from a supermarket. Not letting a little fisherman's lie get in the way, the guys fold down the Sherp's tailgate for a sturdy platform for their grill, where they cook up a “Surf-and-Turf” meal for them and the random stranger.

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