General Motors is off to a great start with its electrified products. It has revealed its Ultium batteries and a new flexible global EV platform. The carmaker has also successfully launched its new GMC Hummer EV. But GM's emissions-free ambitions aren't stopping there. In fact, GM is going all out, seeking to be carbon neutral by 2040.

Striving For All-Electric Lineup By 2035

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In a press rellease by GM outline its intentions to achieve carbon enutrality by 2040, the automaker noted that around 75% of the automaker's products account for carbon emissions related to this commitment. It hopes to transition its vehicle portfolio to battery EVs (BEV) or other zero-emissions vehicle technology. By 2025, GM hopes to have 30 all-electric models offered to markets around the world, with BEVs accounting for 40% of its US offerings. By 2035, GM hopes to eliminate tailpipe emissions from all its new light-duty vehicles.

To achieve this electrification goal, GM is investing $27 billion into electric and autonomous vehicles over the next five years. The investment includes the continued development of the Ultium, and updating its manufacturing facilities to become capable of building EVs.

All the while, GM aims to hike the fuel efficiency of its combustion vehicles by employing new fuel economy technologies, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency, downsizing boosted engines, and using more efficient transmissions.

Reducing Emissions In Own Operations, Supply Chain

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To complete its transition to a carbon neutral carmaker by 2040, GM will also reduce emissions from its own operations. GM plans to achieve this by only using power from 100% renewable energy at its US sites by 2030 and global facilities by 2035.

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In addition, GM is working with its suppliers to reduce emissions in the supply chain, while at the same time increasing transparency and sourcing more sustainable materials. Likewise, GM wants its EVs to be charged with electricity generated from renewable sources (wind and solar). To this end, GM isn't just investing in renewable energy, but also inking deals for new fast chargers powered by 100% renewable energy.

GM To Use Carbon Credits, Signs Business Ambition Pledge

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GM will make up for the remaining carbon emissions by leveraging minimal offsets or carbon credits. However, GM noted that such offsets should be used sparingly, and would only be employed to mitigate effects of climate change. Furthermore, GM has signed the Business Ambition Pledge for 1.5°C, making it one of the companies vowing to do their part in limiting climate change to 1.5°C or less.

Source: General Motors

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