The Middle East is one of the biggest markets for luxurious and exotic supercars. It is not surprising though, as the Middle East is home to some of the richest people in the world. Bugatti knows this as well, in fact, a good number of orders for its beloved Chiron Super Sport hypercar came from this part of the world. Bugatti gave these customers an early treat, by letting them have an opportunity to drive the Chiron Super Sport at the Dubai Autodrome.

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A Full-Blown Track Demo At Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome was flocked by Bugatti customers who were very eager to get behind the wheel of the hypercar they have ordered. They were waiting for a while to experience not just the competition-killing performance of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport but also its luxurious interior. After all, the carmaker has dubbed the Super Sport as the fastest and most luxurious Chiron ever.

But before the waiting customers were given the green light to get inside the $4-million Chiron Super Sport, they were treated to a dynamic track demonstration by no less than two official test drivers, Pierre-Henri Raphanel and Andy Wallace. The duo piloted the hypercar like they were on a competition – energetically conquering the Dubai Autodrome’s full-throttle straights, 16 corners, sweeping bends and braking zones.

Letting Customers Drive Both Super Sport And Pur Sport

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and Super Sport Autodrome Dubai
Via Bugatti

Once the full-blown track demo was over, the customers gained a clearer idea on how the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport delivers the dynamic promise. One by one, the customers had their turn on the track, making themselves feel comfortable first behind the wheel of the Chiron Super Sport. Lap after lap, the customers were able to get know the hypercar much better.

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But Bugatti’s test drive program for the day did not end with the Chiron Super Sport. The carmaker also brought out the most agile member of the Chiron family – the Pur Sport and let the customers play with it on the track. The Dubai Autodrome track seemed to be the right place to let customers tell the difference between the Super Sport and the Pur Sport Sport. Interestingly, Bugatti held a similar test drive for Pur Sport customers a year ago in Dubai.

Chiron Super Sport Headed To Other Key Markets

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport rear road
Via Bugatti

After the Dubai test drive, Bugatti will bring the Chiron Super Sport to other key markets in the world to let customers to feel “like nothing ever experienced before.”

Source: Bugatti

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