The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is an engineering marvel and one of Bugatti's best supercars. In August 2019, the car became the first-ever production car to break the 300 mph barrier with a top speed of 304.773 mph. How exactly the car is able to reach that speed is fascinating, and Bugatti has gone ahead and explained just how the car can do that in an article explaining the science behind the Chiron Super Sport, and we will look at some of the highlights.

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Aerodynamics That Are Optimized

Chiron Science Solo Shot
via Bugatti

The big thing that Bugatti talks about is the aerodynamics of the car. To achieve such a top speed, they say you need very low air resistance, and to have the lowest drag coefficient with the maximum possible downforce. So, for example, Bugatti says they developed new air curtains for the car. These are in the front of the Chiron and help guide the air around the corners in the most optimal way. They also help the air flow follow the contours of the body as closely as possible. This helps stabilize the car, and lower the pressure losses and resistance, and those are further assisted by some additional air outlets at the front wheel arches.

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A Large And Mighty Diffuser

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Bugatti went to great lengths to redesign the diffuser of the Chiron Super Sport, to make it stable at speeds above 300 mph. The diffuser on the car has an elongated tail section, which means the diffuser has gained some 23 millimeters in length. Bugatti even moved the exhaust section of the car from the center to the sides to give the diffuser more space and to increase its effectiveness as well. The diffuser is now some 32% bigger compared with the standard Chiron. That is a massive change and can only help with keeping the car firmly on the ground at high speeds.

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The W16 Engine In The Chiron

Chiron Science Paul Ricard
via Bugatti

Of course, another big factor is the car’s engine. Bugatti revamped the 8.0-liter W16 engine to increase its power output, going from 1,480 hp to an eye-watering 1,577 hp. This increase of power has come from changes such as reinforced pistons and a stiffer pressure control spring that now allows the oil pump to supply more lubricant at a higher pressure. All this, and more besides, has allowed the Chiron Super Sport 300+ to achieve that absolutely extraordinary top speed of 304 mph.

Source: Bugatti

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