David Patterson is best known as the man behind the “ThatDudeinBlue” YouTube channel, and he certainly loves his high-performance cars, just like us.

He recently got behind the wheel of a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R owned by friend, Brad. Now, though, he has got behind the wheel of an epic R34 GT-R that is the property of Adam LZ, and this is one truly insane GT-R. There is a lot to get excited about with this incredible car.

The Facts And Figures Behind This R34 GT-R

The facts and figures of this car are just absolutely unbelievable. Under the hood of Adam LZ’s R34 GT-R is a 650 hp engine, an RB26 to be exact, and it is four-wheel drive. To get some of that power, this R34 has a twin-turbo setup and, amazingly, the rear-end gearing of the R32. And those turbos, well, those are Garrett GTX turbos. As Patterson himself says, they are no joke and provide a huge amount of boost.

In general, Patterson is a big fan of the R34, and it is certainly one of the very best Japanese cars ever made.

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Extremely Intricate Fabrication Work

Adam LZ R34 Skyline GT-R Engine Bay
via ThatDudeinBlue YouTube Channel

The detailed shots of the engine bay of this car let us look at just how well done the fabrication work on this car is. Especially when it comes to the turbos, and there is a huge amount of carbon fiber. Patterson describes this as almost a homage to everything that made the R34 so great, such as those epic twin-turbos.

Sticky tires, upgraded suspension and better brakes mean this car is basically a full restoration. Driving it is a pure slice of joy, the R34 just super relaxing and incredibly easy.

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A Perfect Example Of What The R34 Is All About

Adam LZ R34 Skyline GT-R ThatDueinBlue Driving
via ThatDudeinBlue YouTube Channel

Compared to the single-turbo R34 that Patterson’s friend owns, this example feels more like an OEM+ car, and as such is a bit more civilized than the other R34. The noises this car makes when Patterson puts his foot down and lets the turbo rip are insane, and we can tell how good this car feels by his facial expressions.

It's stable and easy to drive fast, and it does not want to veer off course. It's an incredible platform, and those twin-turbos are clearly allowing Patterson to live his childhood dream with a fresh outlook. This is almost the perfect R34.

Source: ThatDudeinBlue YouTube Channel

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