The way technology progresses, we are bound to see fresh ideas being brought to the table. Some of these ideas might turn out to be absolutely crazy, while others stand out for being different and revolutionary. The automotive industry has seen quite a few advancements in this regard, with the rise of electric cars and hybrid vehicles commencing the demise of ICE (an internal combustion engine) powered automobiles.

When it comes to electric vehicles and hybrids, many manufacturers are trying to create something new. One such company is Twike, which doesn't mind being different from the rest. The Swiss automotive brand has crafted a unique electric vehicle unlike any other. The Twike 5 is an electric vehicle in essence, but it is an electric-hybrid. What that means is, the prime source of power comes from the charged batteries, but you can recharge the batteries using your muscles. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Apparently, the system works and very efficiently.

Let's take a deep dive into the inner workings of the Twike 5

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Concept & Design

Via: Twike

The Twike 5 has an unusual design in that it has three wheels instead of having the conventional four-wheel setup. In other words, the Twike 5 is a tricycle and a car at the same time that uses electricity to propel itself forward, but if you want to add a bit of range, then you can cycle during your drive.

The car has a massive 30kWh battery that, when fully charged, can give 310 miles of range. What's more, the Twike 5 can accelerate to a top speed of 118 mph. That is not only impressive but revolutionary at the same time. Usually, conventional electric vehicles are not designed to be lightning-fast, which equates to a loss in battery performance. But with Twike 5, you have an extra option to charge your car on the go so that you can rejuvenate the battery with a bit of cycling.

One more interesting feature is that the tricycle doesn't have a conventional steering wheel. Instead, you get two sticks that work as toggles to move the car left or right. A bit strange, but once you get used to it, the driving should feel easy.

Exercise On The Go

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It is a great concept to cycle and recharge your electric car's battery, but if you think of it, the concept is doubly advantageous. You get to exercise and put in some cardio while you’re driving. How's that for pedaling into the future?!

Furthermore, while the pedals come standard on the driver's side, you can opt to add another pair on the passenger side so both people can stay fit and help recharge the trike’s battery. The battery charges quicker with the dual pedal setup, allowing the driver to focus more on driving than recharging.

Something For Everybody

Via: Twike

The trike has a maximum battery capacity of 30 kWh, but Twike offers a 15kWh and a 25kWh version for those who want a smaller battery. The battery range is compromised due to the downsizing, but you always have the cycling option to keep recharging the car.

The vehicle uses an intelligent system that restricts battery output when you don't need high performance and amps it up if the requirement is there. Due to this, the Twike 5 is classified as a moped, and you need a standard moped license to drive one.

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A Fresh Approach

Via: Twike

The Twike 5 is not the first of its kind, the Swiss company has made three-wheeled cars before, but with the 5th iteration, many things have changed. The first huge difference is the weight. The whole car weighs no more than 500 kg, and it can carry 310 kg of extra payload. Such considerable weight saving allows the Twike to achieve impressive mileage with its battery capacity. Moreover, the smart vehicle uses only 7kWh of energy per 100m, which is much better than before.


The base variant is priced at €39,900, with the range-topping variant standing at €50,000. You might think that that's too much, but if you look at the market, there is no other vehicle that is unique like the Twike 5.

Final Thoughts

Via: Auto Revolution

The Twike 5 is a limited vehicle like its predecessors, meaning there are only 500 units available. If you want one, you can reserve the trike for a small amount. Plus, the company allows the counter to go past 500 since not everyone decides to transform the reservation to an order.

Twike 5 is the perfect vehicle for fitness enthusiasts who have an avid interest in keeping the world healthy. The electric power keeps the environment green, and the cycling keeps you and the battery in top shape. In this modern age, there’s nothing more you can ask for!

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