The Stella Era is a part of the Stella family from Solar Team Eindhoven, a futuristic venture started by a group of 22 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. The team is dedicated to providing a sustainable future where life is powered by the sun. As a student team, Solar Team Eindhoven has the freedom to innovate. Starting the design process from scratch, they broke all preconceptions. Stella Era is the fourth in a family of 4 solar-powered cars. Its predecessors are Stella Vita, Stella Vie, and Stella Lux. The vehicles are aimed towards utilizing the full potential of solar energy.

The Stella Era results from a futuristic venture from Solar Team Eindhoven. It is the latest addition to a group of four cars named the Stella family. With its solar-powered self-driving concept, it is ready to change the way the world views sustainable development. Aimed towards utilizing the full potential of solar energy, it is a true game-changer.

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The Self Sustaining Concept

A Stella Era Charging Another Bike
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Mobility can be part of the solution rather than the problem. Stella Era is a comfortable, self-driving family car that shares its energy with others while maximizing the use of solar energy through efficient energy use. It is a charging station on wheels. The car creates an abundance of clean energy by continuously chasing the sunlight. The energy can power the solar car and be shared with other forms of electrical mobility. As the Stella Era takes the next step, we enter an era in which cars are more than just a means of transportation. The Stella Era opens up the possibility that the potential of solar vehicles can be viewed as power plants on wheels.

The Elegant Design

An Image Of A Stella Era's Top

The elegant teardrop shape is quite pioneering. The rear end of the car features three connections. These include a point for charging the car at a charging station, a point for charging other electric vehicles, and a standard socket so that one can plug in other appliances. The proprietary Stella App allows one to find a Stella Era on the map, showing charging stations. This provides the driver with an opportunity to look for other solar cars so that one can charge his electric car. Era takes the weather conditions and the appointments in one's schedule into account to ensure that there is enough energy left to drive home.

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The Elevated Performance And Efficiency

A Stella Era Solar Car On The Road
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The experimental solar car can travel a distance of 1800 KM in part through efficient use of solar energy. Equipped with Ericsson's Solar Smart Parking, the Stella Era can drive autonomously to a parking spot with the most sunshine to recharge its batteries. The car is also able to share its energy with other electric vehicles that are parked next to it. Solar Smart Parking is based on Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud, a digital platform where manufacturers rapidly develop and manage new services for connected vehicles.

The Era can determine where the most sunlight is available at a given point of time in a parking lot. The car then drives itself to the needed location with the help of sensors and radar located around the car. Although the vehicle finds an ideal spot by itself, it keeps within the limits of the parking lot. The teardrop shape of the car provides an efficient way to commute. Era uses cameras instead of side mirrors to give a better view to the driver. It is one of a kind with low weight and highly efficient transmission. The transmission facilities in the car have been built by the team from scratch.

As the Stella Era uses a self-designed drivetrain, the engine efficiency, in theory, is at 98.5%. This is a breakthrough as compared to the 25% engine efficiency of a regular petrol engine. Even the first Stella models had an engine efficiency of only 90%. Although the last few percents seem small, it is a significant step, according to Van der Spoel.

Overall, the Stella Era is the start of a new way of commuting. It is set to break all conventional concepts of transportation. The Era believes in energy sharing. As the energy from the car could be used to power other electric vehicles as well, the tensions about finding a charging station are reduced. If the Era runs lie in charge, the Stella app directs the car towards other solar vehicles and shows the nearest charging stations. The Era opens a new portal towards sustainable development by using solar energy.

There are infinite possibilities to using solar energy. As there is an abundant supply available, and Stella has equipped the car with ways of sharing that supply, the new Stella Era is a true game-changer. With its new venture, Stella aims at creating a world where solar energy is the primary source of life.

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