The Dodge Bengal Charger was a mid-sized automobile that was in production for twelve years from 1966 to 1978. However, it is a range with very few models to show for its time on the scene.

A rare 1972 Dodge Bengal Charger has been a recent discovery in Michigan, with evidence on the Auto Archaeology YouTube Channel. Seeing as it is one of two made for that model year, it makes for a pretty immense find.

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One Of Two Ever Made

Any other 1972 Dodge Charger wouldn't turn many heads. However, this Bengal Charger from 1972 will. Seeing as it is one of the rarest Charger models ever made, it makes for a pretty unique find. It is a celebration and promotion for the Cincinnati Bengals, which was in production back in 1972.

Tom Kneer Dodge took to creating a handful of Bengal Chargers in Cincinnati for 1968 and 1972. The 1968 line boasts more models, but the 1972 lineup has only two in existence.

It has been sitting in a garage for some time and has definitely seen better days. Its roof is now collapsing in on itself, so the owner has taken it upon himself to pull it out of its hiding place for some much-needed love.

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Its Interior Isn't Too Pretty

1972 Dodge Bengal Charger red
Via: YouTube

Although the appearance of the classic 1970s Dodge Charger is often pretty nice to look at, this one's inside isn't too pretty. It still boasts its original automatic column and stunning orange color on the outside. Yet, inside is home to a dead cat, which luckily is behind the broken rags so that the viewers cannot see. One feature that is still in great condition is its unique hood, which boasts the Bengal Charger's team logo.

Even though it isn't in the best condition, it still makes for a very cool find. Seeing as the 1972 Dodge Bengal Charger has only two in existence, it isn't every day that people get to feast their eyes on such a rare Dodge Charger model.

Overall, this find is pretty remarkable. It's a real shame that the 1972 Dodge Bengal Charger wasn't kept in better condition, as it would make for an awesome companion.

Hopefully, the restoration project gets underway soon so that someone gets to enjoy it in all its exclusive glory and once again, celebrate the Cincinnati Bengals.

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