The Ford F-150 is by far the most popular model of vehicle. And for good reason, too, as the Ford F-150 is a capable workhorse, able to tow up to 11,000lbs. The F-150 is also a competent street truck as well, able to generate a 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. Further, the Ford F-150 is priced well and constantly receives good Consumer Report ratings.

While the Ford F-150 is a great truck straight from the factory, mods can bring it to a whole new level. Installing any of these after-market modifications will have you grinning ear to ear, offering everything from cool looks to unlocked horsepower!

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10 Tonneau Bed Cover

bed gmc denali cover sema
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One of the best features of a truck is the cargo bed, capable of unimaginable things! Sometimes, however, the bed of the truck can detract from the goal of a truck. For the Ford F-150, a Tonneau Bed Cover is the way to go to cover that bed.

via: Ford UK

By installing a Tonneau Bed Cover, the Ford F-150 receives a few benefits. First, anything in the bed is safe as the cover prevents anything from flying out. Second, the Tonneau Bed Cover also prevents air from collecting in the bed, adding to drag. Instead, the airflow travels over the bed, reducing that drag.

9 Decked Toolbox with Ladder

Decked Toolbox with ladder
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A full bed cover isn't ideal for some, and for the Ford F-150, the perfect substitute is the Decked Toolbox with Ladder. This toolbox sits securely in the bed of the Ford F-150. The Decked toolbox is weatherproof, and water-resistant keeping everything inside safe.

Decked Toolbox with Ladder Via AutoEvolution
Via AutoEvolution

Additionally, the Decked Toolbox with Ladder is secured with two locks to prevent thieves from getting to the cargo. A fold-out ladder extends to the side of the F-150 to allow for easy access without having to climb through the bed!

8 Lift Kit

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The stock ground clearance on the Ford F-150 is 9.4-inches. A lift kit can improve this modest height, giving the F-150 the size needed for proper off-road adventures.

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By adding a lift kit to the Ford F-150, the extra ground clearance isn't the only benefit. The extra height on the truck makes it stand out and gives the driver the ultimate view of the road!

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7 LED Off-Road Light Bar

Light Bar Lights Your Fire

LED lighting gets all the love these days, and for the Ford F-150, nothing is more excellent than a set of LED off-road lights. Attaching these light bars to the Ford F-150 gives the truck an off-road feeling that simply can't be matched by tread or lift alone.

Running lights on a double roll bar

While they may be illegal on most streets, the Ford F-150 can benefit off-road from some lovely bright lights. Illuminating the backwoods can mean the difference between staying on the off-road or plowing into a tree!

6 Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System

Cat back

Ford has done an excellent job of making the F-150 sound quiet despite its general size. The problem with that is loud trucks are way cooler! By upgrading the standard exhaust system of the Ford F-150 to an upgraded cat-back performance system, the sound and the ponies make an appearance.

Ford F-150 Exhaust
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The free flow of air from the engine is what makes a performance cat-back exhaust system stand out. The Ford F-150 benefits the most from this upgrade when paired with other mods on this list!

5 Oil Separator

oil catch (ubuy)
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As a process of modern engines and requirements for air quality, there is a significant danger of oil ending up in the air and collecting in cylinders where it shouldn't be. For a truck like the Ford F-150, this oil collection poses considerable risk of damage to the engine!

Porsche Cayenne Oil Change 3
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The Oil Separator acts like a filter preventing air and oil from mixing in vital components, allowing the oil to stay where it should, and preventing that nasty build of up carbon. Even if no other mod is added, the oil separator can benefit the Ford F-150 regardless!

4 Cold Air Intake

k&n air intake
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Cold Air Intake means cold air to the engine! More air equals more power. And for the Ford F-150, that means more power to the wheels making it go even faster than stock rivals.

The cold air intake allows the engine to burn more oxygen by moving the air filter outside the engine compartment. Further, a cold air intake is an easy install, and parts are relatively cheap, making it one of the best mods for the Ford F-150.

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3 Upgraded Intercooler

via Extreme Turbo System

When running more power through the engine, parts begin to heat up quickly. Ford puts a decent intercooler into the F-150, but an upgraded intercooler is a must with all the mods and extra horsepower!

Intercooler Ford-150 Via On3Performance
Via On3Performance

An upgraded intercooler mod helps draw heat away from the engine, allowing greater power to be pushed. Heat would have been an issue before, and an upgraded intercooler will help the Ford F-150 reach greater peak power!

2 SCT Performance Programmer BDX

ECU Engine Control Unit Tuning Performance Enhancements Sports Tuner Remapping Performance Chip

What good are all these beautiful mods for your Ford F-150 if they aren't optimized to work together? A critical component to map your F-150's engine, so each part functions to maximize horsepower! An excellent option for a tuner is the SCT Performance Programmer BDX.

SCT BDX Programmer Tuner Via TotalZParts
Via TotalZParts

This simple to install ECU will make mapping the engine for peak performance as easy as clicking a few buttons. The SCT Performance Programmer BDX works with several trims of F-150's, making it a flexible device capable of unlocking secret power from mods.

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1 Tires and Rims


Finally, to complete the project, a set of high-quality off-road tires and rims. Forgetting to do this service to the Ford F-150 is a slap in the face after all the other beautiful mods!

2015 Ford F-150 Widebody Kit With Forgiato Wheels.

The Ford F-150 is a great truck, and treating it as such will provide endless amounts of fun, either on the track or off-road! Nothing says custom like a set of rims and tires. Cheeping out will only provide headaches and quick wear and tear.

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