Dennis Collins is the cool uncle of the online car community. In addition to quizzing his employees on car facts at every junction, the man rescues and restores some impressive pieces of machinery. On his YouTube channel named simply "Dennis Collins", he and his team find incredible cars which are rotting away in sheds and back barns.

Collins has endless knowledge and love for classic cars; and with his incredible eye for detail and knowledge of automation history, Collins can pinpoint exact models and dates with accuracy. This also means he's able to recognize a great classic car find from a mile away. Here are some of the most impressive automobiles Collins has rescued in the last couple of years.

10 1968 R-Code Mustang

Defined by Collins himself as a "holy grail" car, this find was astounding. R-Code mustangs famously had Cobra Jet engines and were incredibly powerful. Interestingly enough the engine itself had reportedly been buried in the backyard of the previous owner old home. Still, a mostly preserved R-Code mustang is no cakewalk to track down.

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9 1972 Pontiac Trans Am

Though often termed a "forgotten classic car" the Trans Am never truly leaves the minds of car enthusiasts. Interestingly the car had a 71 Trans am engine, puzzling both the owner at Collins. Apparently, this particular car had been extensively customized by a well known Pontiac enthusiast named "Nunzi". Luckily the seller had a separate 72 trans am to sell to the crew, making the purchase as complete deal.

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8 1976 Starlight Black Pontiac Trans Am SE

Collins found the next two entries in the list at the same abandoned yard. Located in North Carolina, the farm belonged to a true car collector, if not a hoarder. The team walked through almost thirty cars before finding this original Pontiac Trans Am. Though the previous owner had bought the car for a measly two hundred dollars, Collins ended up paying a bit more for this timeless classic. With such an incredible collection, it's a shame the owner hadn't opted to open a classic car museum instead of leaving it to wear away under years of dirt buildup and fallen foliage.

7 1969 Camaro Pace Car Convertible

The Official Pace Car for the 1969 INDY 500
Via Youtube: Dennis Collins

The official car of the 1969 Indy 500, these white and orange vehicles have left an indelible impact on automotive culture. Though the Dover white and hugger orange exterior have been severely damaged and weathered after years of disuse. The car still encompassed the electricity and charm of 60's vehicles. A carnival car and 26th of only 50 ever made, making it incredibly exclusive.

6 1973 Porsche 911T

This impressive Porsche was actually backdated and "made prettier" according to Collins. The reason the original owner had done this was to remove the slight additions Porsche made to the original 1973 1/2 version of the 911T. After a bit of sleuthing, Collins came to the conclusion that he wanted the car even more based on that alone. The owner also had the car's original catalogs and registration, and Collins paid a whopping thousand dollars extra for those items.

5 1964 Jaguar XKE Roadster: Series One

In the unassuming backyard of the sweetest old lady one can imagine was this beast of a Jaguar XKE. Termed the "most beautifully designed car" by Enzo Ferarri himself, The XKE was set to go home with Collins the moment he laid eyes on it. Though getting the car out of the tightly packed shed proved to be a slight difficulty, the team managed to load it up safely and without damaging the classic roadster.

4 1981 Jeep CJ5 304

Anyone who know Dennis Collins knows that the man loves himself a good Jeep. While his thorough collection of CJ5's is impressive on its own, this 81' CJ5 takes the cake. 304 V8 CJ5's are incredibly difficult to find, especially 71' models; however, Collins reportedly found this gem rotting away in a field. This is one of the few cars that Collins has expressed interest in restoring and keeping for himself.

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3 1959 Chevrolet Corvette with Original CS Motor

Though at first the team seemed to be more impressed by how well hidden the enclosing shack was, no one could argue that this 59' Corvette was an incredible find. The owner had reportedly last driven it sixty years prior and left the car in captivity for good. Because of its remote location and safe surroundings, the now sixty-year-old car was left in almost perfect condition, save for its heavily deteriorated tires. With the help of their signature universal tires, the team was able to rescue the car and heave it back to their headquarters in Wylie, Texas.

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2 1957 Mercedes 190SL

A part of a 30 car rescue, this 1957 beauty ended up being the crown jewel of the day's findings. This SL was truly a lucky find because it came equipped with one of the most impressive engines the team has found in recent years. It is perhaps one of the most prestigious cars the team has rescued on their channel. According to Collins, 190 SLs are second to only 300SLs, and can easily sell for up to six figures on the market.

1 1970 Mustang Mach 1 351

Thank god that the team found the car when they did; a few more years and the car could have been weathered beyond recognition. After grieving the absence of almost every functional part under the hood, the team hilariously found it locked in the vehicle's trunk. Thanks to these car medics, this beautiful Mustang may still find a loving home.

Dennis Collins Tours Ultimate Private Collection With A ‘65 Cobra And ‘32 Packard
Dennis Collins Tours Ultimate Private Collection With A ‘65 Cobra And ‘32 Packard
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