The stratospheric leaps in value that most gearheads typically associate with air-cooled Porsches spread so quickly during the pandemic that built off-roaders now command absurd prices. The happy result comes in the form of companies that exist to restomod classics into stylish projects with modern amenities, like this V8-swapped 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser that just emerged from Legacy Overland with everything from upgraded disc brakes to air conditioning. The only real question for anyone willing to shell out enough to get their hands on this borderline perfect FJ40 remains whether they're actually bold enough to take it on the trail.

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Some Creature Comforts

1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 V8 Swap 2
via Legacy Overland

Adding air conditioning sounds like the biggest deal for this Toyota, since the upright, boxy cabin would definitely steam up like a greenhouse on any hot desert day. Two front buckets and a pair of jump benches in the rear clearly received new upholstery, while the AC install under the dash looks about as clean as could be hoped for. That 8-ball shifter controls a four-speed manual transmission, while the leather-wrapped steering wheel benefits from power assist, as well. A head unit for the premium sound system has, of course, also been fitted into the dash.

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Perfect Jeep Style With Toyota Touches

1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 V8 Swap 3
via Legacy Overland

Legacy Overland repainted the boxy body in dark grey metallic shade over black trim and accents. Those steelies shod in BFGoodrich A/T rubber hide four-wheel disc brakes—presumably for better downhill crawling, if not stopping short in the Whole Foods parking lot. Up front, a Warn M8000 winch paired with a black high-lift jack further points to the terrain this truck should definitely drive on. Lockers up front also come courtesy of Warn (though the listing does not specify whether "lockers" refers to locking hubs or a locking diff).

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Mechanicals To Match The Cosmetics

1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 V8 Swap 4
via Legacy Overland

Most importantly, Legacy installed a 350ci General Motors V8 to power the Toyota, though the ad also gets a little ambiguous in mentioning a Holly 600 carburetor as well as a rebuilt Aisin carb. Surely two different brands aren't installed under the hood, though no engine bay shots are included in the listing. Other goodies include a rear spare on a swing-out carrier, halogen headlights, and rear ambulance doors that help to make this a potential overlanding candidate if the next owner decides to add a roof tent and build out the interior. The ad also neglects to mention pricing but rest assured, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.


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