The crazier, the better, especially if it is laden with power. Perhaps, this is the best way to describe most creations of German tuning firm Brabus.

This Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63-based G700 is no exception. YouTube content creator Bijon de Kock was able to experience the luxurious, dynamic nature of the Brabus G700 down in South Africa.

More Powerful Than The AMG G 63 SUV

As host of the Supercar Diaries of Novitec Group’s YouTube channel, Bijon had access to various exotic vehicles. While most of the channel’s featured vehicles are tuning jobs from Novitec, Bijon sometimes brings in builds from other tuners.

Interestingly, Race! South Africa made these builds, as the company is partnered not just with the Novitec Group, but also with other tuning companies such as Brabus.

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While essentially a luxury SUV, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 already thrives in the supercar realm. Its latest iteration features a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine that could deliver 577 hp of max output and 627 lb-ft of peak torque. But Brabus can dial things up a few notches higher with its power module, with the mill inside the SUV now capable of delivering 700 hp (thus its G700 moniker) of max output and 701 lb-ft of peak torque. The Brabus G700 is essentially a super SUV with more menacing power.

Blacked Out Finish For A Meaner Exterior Look

blacked out Mercedes Brabus G700 wheels and tires
Via Novitec Group on YouTube

Race! South Africa dressed this AMG G 63 with the G700 Widestar body kit. The kit includes a number of add-ons and replacement parts meant to make the G700 look meaner and more ready to take on any challenges. According to Bijon, Brabus crafted the G700 Widestar kit from carbon fiber.

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The Widestar kit includes muscular side flares that add nearly four inches to the SUV’s width. The kit gave the G700 a new face, rear and sides, thanks to Brabus-made front and rear bumpers, hood, hood attachments, running boards, roof spoiler and side skirts.

The Widestar kit also includes wider wheel arches that can accommodate up to 23 inches of wheels and tires. This particular Brabus G700 rides on 23-inch Monoblock M Platinum wheels with a finish matched to the overall color of the super SUV.

A Sweet, Dynamic Drive In a Luxurious Super SUV

blacked out Brabus G700 with Bijon de Kock driving
Via Novitec Group on YouTube

Bijon took the G700 for a quick ride, allowing him to experience its dynamics first. It is quicker than an AMG G 63 on the sprint by 0.1 seconds, although it can only go as fast as 149 mph.

Bijon said Brabus electronically limited the top speed of the G700 so the tires won’t explode.

Source: Novitec Group on YouTube

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