The new Ford Bronco is an affordable off-roader. It is customizable in countless ways allowing people the freedom to showcase their personalities. It is strong and capable whether it is on the road, or off the beaten track. It is the American dream if it were to be summed up as a car. When Ford was developing the model, they went to leaps and bounds to create a whole line of accessories and packages for it as well. There may be Ford’s special edition Broncos or even specifically designed models like the off-road monster called the Bronco Raptor, or even the slush-loving Bronco Everglades.

Additionally, the Bronco was designed to allow aftermarket accessory companies to let their imagination free. We stumbled upon a Facebook group that does just that and found a new kit for the Bronco’s front end with a few new toys thrown in. They call it the Bronco Grumper, and it looks like it would easily terrify some children.

What Is A Grumper?

Ford Bronco Grumper 2

For the uninitiated, the word “Grumper” is an amalgamation of the two words “Grille” and “Bumper”. It is quite a popular style amongst the Jeep Wrangler community. This is the first Bronco Grumper that we have seen online. As the name suggests, the Bronco’s front grille and bumper were removed. In its place is a new specially fabricated metal face that dons an angular design to give the SUV a more menacing look. The change is prominent, it transforms the boxy-shaped face of the Bronco into a more aggressive look.

The new Grumper face of the Bronco uses factory-fitted headlights. But the fabricated metal around them is what essentially makes it look more aggressive. It features three LED spotlights below the grille and a set of fog lights that are also reinforced and integrated into the new face. There are even two robust tow hooks that would act as anchor points to help you get unstuck from tricky situations driving off-road. Furthermore, the front windshield gets a reinforced surround that also features overhead lighting.

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Ford Bronco Grumper By Fab Fours

Ford Bronco Grumper 3

This Ford Bronco Grumper is designed by a US-based company called Fab Fours. On the Facebook group page, Josiah Martin, of Fab Fours concedes that “There is normally no middle ground with Grumpers, you love them or you hate them.”

In the post, Martin highlights the design philosophy with which he went about making his creation. He says, “when I set out to design the Bronco Grumper I wanted to make it as clean and seamless as possible while at the same time being completely utilitarian.”

It is claimed that the new front face of the Bronco Grumper is designed to fit a Warn EVO 10 winch. Additionally, it is claimed to also retain the Bronco’s full parking sensor functionality as well as adaptive cruise control. The modifications even include the repositioning of the front parking camera from the bumper to the grille. The new custom bumper holds four Rigid SR Pro Series LED pods, while the grille features three 4-inch round lights.

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Other Options For The Broncos Are Available

Ford Bronco Grumper 4

The Fab Fours website is loaded with special kits and overland gear for many SUVs and trucks that include Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Jeep, and more. While the Bronco Grumper package isn’t specifically listed on the website at the moment, however, other accessories and kits for the Bronco are listed.

While the demand for the Bronco was unprecedented, Ford’s revival of the iconic truck has had some snags. Issues with its removable roof forced Ford to announce multiple recalls. The global shortage of microchips didn't make it any easier for them to keep up with deliveries of the truck. However, their development team didn’t stop even for a moment.

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor In Action

Ford introduced the Bronco Raptor in January. Powered by the 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, the Bronco Raptor packs 400 horsepower. It is taller, wider, and a lot more capable than the standard Bronco. It can even tow a full 1,000 pound more than the standard model thanks to a beefier tow-hook. Ford then announced the Bronco Everglades. A special package of the Bronco that is designed for overland adventures in mind. While it uses the standard Bronco engine, it is the first car to come with a front winch from the factory that is also crash tested. The Bronco is a nonsense off-roader.

Sure, the Bronco Grumper looks menacing, but we do understand that it is an acquired taste. However, the Bronco Grumper does look much better than the MegaBronc, a custom truck that marries the compact face of the Bronco to a massive Ford F-250. If an apocalypse-ready Bronco is not to your liking, there are more factory-specific options available.

Source: Bronco6x / Facebook

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