What do you get when you cross a Bronco with Apocalypse? When it comes to wheels, you get the Dark Horse, a fully functional six-wheel-drive ride, made by Apocalypse Manufacturing, the makers of Doomsday, HellFire, and Sinister 6.

So, here’s looking at what turns a Ford Bronco into the 6×6 Dark Horse, and why we are so enamored of this stallion, with a mean streak.

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Building Up A Ford Bronco Into The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is born as a four-door, four-wheel 4x4 Ford Bronco with a factory turbocharged V6 engine. Considering Apocalypse Manufacturing adds on two more wheels, the engine makes 400 hp, with the help of software tuning, larger injectors, and better exhaust. All the changes under the hood also make the Dark Horse sound a lot more vicious.

The Bronco may have begun as a 189-inch SUV, but with all the modifications that turn it into a Dark Horse, the result is a vehicle that measures 225-inches, bumper to bumper. During the making, the experts at Apocalypse cut the back of the Bronco, and steel and fiberglass go into building a five-foot-long pickup bed. Because of the Bronco’s coil-over suspension, the rear of the Dark Horse is also a lot different from the other Apocalypse models.

To add on the two wheels, there’s the patented middle tandem axle, created in-house by Apocalypse Manufacturing, that delivers power to all six wheels.

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The Dark Horse: World’s First-Ever Bronco 6x6

Of course, to achieve all these modifications, you have to lose something too. The Bronco’s convertible roof goes away to make way for a custom-made fiberglass slant back roof. However, you can remove it for a wind-in-your-hair drive.

The new bumper with a light bar in the center bears some very visible tow hooks, and the new suspension manages to lift the erstwhile four-wheel Bronco a whole four inches.

Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and head designer of Apocalypse Manufacturing, “This is such a nostalgic bring back from Ford, that as soon as we were able to get our hands on one, we knew exactly what we had to do and created the world’s first Bronco six-wheel-drive truck.”

Future models will boast even more horsepower, but if you want to lay your hands on one of these, the world’s first-ever Ford Bronco 6×6, the Dark Horse will run at a no reserve price at Barrett-Jackson at “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions,” during its Palm Beach, Florida 2022 show.

The truck is currently slotted to run on Saturday, April 9, between 5 pm and 8:30 pm.

Sources: Apocalypse Manufacturing, Barrett-Jackson

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