Acura’s ILX – perhaps not the obvious choice if you’re in the market for a new car.

For a start, it is going up against the more rugged, more capable SUVs which are ubiquitous, to say the least.

The Acura is also kind of an upmarket Honda Civic or Accord sedan (it’s based on the Civic sedan), so you are paying more for a compact car with a few more luxuries and different styling – but it's not that simple.

It is true though, that while the Accord starts at $26,000, the ILX will set you back from $27,000; so is the ILX a good deal compared to the Accord, and where is the extra money going if you opt for the prestige of the Acura badge?

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The Acura ILX Is A Modern, Refined, And Stylish Sedan With A Lot To Offer


Honda’s Accord has an MSRP almost matching the ILX, with just $1,000 between the two.

If you opt for the Accord, you get a lot for the money with the basic LX trim; with the peppy 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder providing 192 hp – but the fun ends there as you are stuck with the inevitable CVT transmission that seems to be occurring more often these days.

17” wheels, a long list of active safety features, a reasonable 8-inch screen, and an attractive enough cabin are all good value for money and the exterior styling is safe but attractive.

If you opt for the Acura, which is based on a Honda floor pan, you immediately upgrade yourself to a more expensive-looking exterior design – it looks busier than the Accord but noticeably more muscular.

With the ILX, you get as standard a 201 hp 2.4-liter engine – running through the front wheels - which although old in design, offers adequate performance and nothing more.

Better than the Accord though, you get an 8-speed automatic transmission.

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Acura’s ILX Is Good Value For The Price

Acura ILX

There’s a long list of great standard features in the ILX, which you can see on the online Acura ILX configurator.

17” wheels (like the Accord), keyless entry and start, tilting and sliding roof, dual-zone climate control, ambient lighting, heated sport front seats, 8-way power driver’s seat, and more.

With a 4-year warranty versus 3 years for the Accord, plus a 5-star rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) it has all the basic bases covered.

As this is a luxury car, you are getting more style and refinement inside and out compared to cheaper cars but if there is a letdown, it would have to be the dashboard design which looks outdated, even compared to Honda’s own designs.

Infotainment nowadays is the big sell and customers will pick and choose cars sometimes just based on the screen and look of the dashboard.

With a small non-touchscreen on the entry-level model, this premium car really only falls down on that key area, but for everything else, it’s good value - cheaper than you would think and more handsome than many other cars in this crowded segment.

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