The Hoonigan team is most famous for its epic drag races in the This vs That series, or in the Hoonicorn vs The World series. But they also like to showcase some pretty epic car builds from plenty of other like-minded people.

This car comes to us from Rodney, who drove this 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile for many years as a daily driver from new, and then turned it into America’s fastest streetcar, which has earned the name Sorceress.

The Epic Numbers Behind An Epic Car

A car like this is bound to have some epic numbers behind it, and it does. The Oldsmobile now has twin-turbo V8 power under the hood. So, a lot of horsepower, right? Well, yes. In all, this amazing car produces a staggering 5,000 hp. More than most people could ever dream of.

Rodney says that he put a supercharger in it when he drove it to and from college, and from that point on, it went through many iterations and just got out of hand! The car can run on either regular gasoline or 88 octane, virtually anything works in it.

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Hurst Oldsmobile Dragster Hoonigan Open Trunk And Hood
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

And it might be a surprise to hear this, but this is, in fact, a road legal car. This can indeed drive on the regular streets. With 110 mm turbos and 2.5-inch primaries, the engine bay is like a work of art for this car.

A lot of it is stainless steel polished to look like it is nickel plated, and the results are astounding. It's one epic looking car. And the redline for this car is around the 9,400 rpm mark. That is a long way from what it was for the standard 1984 Oldsmobile.

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A Daily Driver With A Difference

Hurst Oldsmobile Dragster Hoonigan Front Quarter View
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

The Hoonigan team were absolutely stunned when Rodney stated that it was a 5,000 hp car, making it a daily driver with a bit of a difference. The fact the hood can open on its own, electronically, is also a great feature.

The fastest this car has gone down the 1/4 mile stretch is 260 mph, faster than a Bugatti, and it can do the 1/4 mile in around six-seconds. That is utterly astonishing. And there is also nitrous in the car, which just adds even more craziness to an already crazy car.

This car is ludicrous, but equally, it's spectacularly good.

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel

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