Not too long ago, BMW revealed the new 8 Series range and dropped a hint as to what was to come at a later date. One of those hints was about a special, limited edition run of the M850i xDrive Gran Coupe, with a special art car styled livery by artist Jeff Koons. Now, BMW has revealed this special art car and the various details across it, which BMW is calling the most elaborately designed vehicle in its history.

A Spectacular And Eye Catching Design

BMW 8 Series Art Car Side View
via BMW

Just 99 of these spectacular Gran Coupes will be available for customers to buy. BMW says that it also took over 200 hours of work time just to do this exterior paint job. It is an expressive design, with eleven different exterior colors ranging from blue to silver, and yellow and black, and BMW will produce just four of these each week. The design is incredibly energetic, including elements of pop art and geometric patterns that help to pay homage to the intricate contours and the shape of the 8 Series Gran Coupe.

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The Design Explored In Detail

BMW 8 Series Art Car Rear Quarter View
via BMW

Looking at the new car, we see a yellow front fascia that dominates that front viewpoint, with some classy blue accents below the headlights with white star like shapes. An interesting and complicated pattern dominates the hood, as does a specially stylized BMW logo. Across the side of the car, the design reminds us of superhero comic books, with the massive cloud and the word POP on the side giving us classic Batman vibes. At the back of the car, there is more yellow across the majority of the rear fascia, and a very cool looking explosion design across the trunk and the bumper, reminding us of a cartoon.

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A Very Cool Interior Space

BMW 8 Series Art Car Interior
via BMW

The design elements are not confined to the outside, either. Step inside the art car, and we will see seats in a striking red and blue that BMW and Jeff Koons say reflects the colors of the superheroes from the comic book universe, which also explains the colors we see on the outside. The interior is also multicolored and has many high-end materials, such as fine leather, and the cup holder lid has an edition badging and the signature of Mr Koons himself. BMW is now taking pre-orders for this car in the USA, so act fast if you wish to own one.

Source: BMW

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