Today’s drag racing video on YouTube courtesy of JMalcom2004 isn’t about the times, it’s about the way in which the winner crosses the line.

The protagonist of this short video clip is classic American muscle, with a style that takes you back to a specific time.

The black Chevrolet Malibu certainly looks imposing even from a standstill, hinting at its power with the big block supercharged motor emerging from the hood upfront, the big rear wheels, and the parachute at the back.

We take a look at what happens next and what makes this car more entertaining to watch than a Tesla Model S Plaid.

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The Chevrolet Malibu Candy Crusher Is One Of A Kind

When you watch flawless runs one after another, sometimes some drama can get lost in the mix.

It’s always interesting to see a little drama on the drag strip, and it's not all about times. As we can see with this, the Candy Crusher – a fourth-generation Malibu and the last of the classically styled cars before the newer, rounded, and more forgettable fifth-generation.

The biggest engine you would get in a Malibu back in the day was a 5.7-liter, but this is a modified big-block, according to the video’s title.

In any case, the car looks and sounds great, the side exit exhausts just behind the front axle and the nitrous oxide release valve blowing off steam before it makes its first run. The doors also need fanning, presumably to help the driver get access to some cool, clean air.

At the green light the Candy Crusher gets off to a clean start all the way to the end, this time with no drama; either way, it looks quick, but this is a No Time event, so we can only guess.

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The Malibu Drag Racer Needs A New Parachute For The Next Race

Chevrolet Malibu Drag Racer, rear from distance, parachute falls off
Via: YouTube via JMalcom2004

At the second sprint, the car briefly loses control with a skid sending it a little off course, but the driver has nerves – and reactions – of steel and brings the car right again.

For the third try up the strip at Carolina Dragway, the Candy Crusher’s competitor on the left looks to be a 3rd-generation Mustang, although it’s a mystery what is running under its hood.

Both cars make a good start, but the climax of the video is where the Chevrolet Malibu opens its chute, only to have the complete unit fly away from the car.

This car is so fast that it loses its parachute, but it wins the race; so all isn’t lost.

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