Of all the JDM tuning and drifting legends, the Nissan Skyline is up there with the best.

If Batman had to choose a Japanese '90s sports car, he would probably go for the R32 or maybe R33 versions – but the R34 is such a well-executed design as well.

Luckily, Musartwork reveals to us via Instagram a new digital custom render showcasing a Nissan Skyline, one which the DC universe character would himself be proud to ride in.

We have a brief look at the design and see why it’s one of the better homemade virtual cars to surface, thanks to a few key features.

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The Musartwork Nissan Skyline Is A Batman-Esque Racer For The Mean Streets

As you can see, the first thing that hits you about this Skyline is the color scheme – it’s a far cry from the usual fare when it comes to imaginary sports car mods: here the car almost appears understated or ‘stealthy.’

Upon closer inspection, you can see the front from an R34 Skyline with a hugely vented hood, blacked-out lights, and wheels with off-road tread on the outside, like a toy car.

Moving rearward, there is a side-exit exhaust leaving the car through the middle of the door – be careful, it’s hot – and the rear culminates in a huge wing, with the rear from a Skyline R32.

So, this car is a hybrid, but not in the normal sense.

In addition, there is an aero package at the front but not too much else fitted at the sides or back, which enables the classic Skyline shape to shine through.

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Nissan’s Skyline R34 GT-R Is The Last Of The Classic Skylines

Pennzoil Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, yellow/black, front-quarter
Via: Nissan

Although we’re not sure about the door-exit exhausts being practical, they’re very cool indeed.

This design is a good practice in restraint, with the single color theme and the fact that the car looks drivable, being a real plus – it’s not slammed right to the ground like in some other designs either.

Nissan's R34 was the last of a dying breed – the muscular and stylish four-wheel-drive JDM supercars. These cars usually always make more power than the 286 hp gentleman’s agreement between the major manufacturers and can usually make north of 1000 hp.

After that, the 11th-generation V35 Skyline loses much of the appeal of the earlier cars – Batman would surely not choose that car on which to base his new stealthy ride.

Everybody loves the classic Lincoln Futura Batmobile from the '60s or the Tumbler ATV-style car from The Dark Knight Trilogy – but we would sure love to see Bruce Wayne shifting gears in something like Musartwork’s blacked-out Nissan Skyline GT-R vision.

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