Cleverly named the ID. Buzz – Volkswagen’s new star isn’t just a cute name and isn’t just a cash-in on the retro-centered hearts of millennials, but it could be a very clever strategy implemented by the German automaker.

The upcoming electric van platform will spawn two model variants; a van and a bus – hence the phonetically similar name, ‘Buzz’.

Due to be officially unveiled on March 9, 2022, this multicolored van will unleash its cute design and sustainability virtues on the world.

Following a Volkswagen press release on the interior of this new van, we see if there’s anything exciting happening inside.

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The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Is More Than The Sum Of Its Cute Parts

Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior, side profile shot, two-tone color orange/white
Via: Volkswagen

The latest press article on the upcoming model's interior informs us that the ID. Buzz intends to offer two core qualities, firstly; sustainability.

As VW themselves put it, “Sustainability as a clear strategic goal, implemented with an even greater share of recycled materials.” This is becoming a focus for all manufacturers, but arguably Volkswagen Group also need to rebrand and rebuild their image following the diesel-gate scandal from a few years ago.

With an interior featuring completely animal-free materials, the seats, floor, and headliner use recycled material.

For one of the fabrics, 90% plastic bottles and 10% marine plastics are the only sources of material, while the rest of the sustainability goals of the wider company are also highlighted.

This includes reducing carbon emissions in Europe by 40% in 8 years and much more; for the Buzz it seems that the key takeaway here are the materials used and the powertrain which is, on the face of it, sustainable if charged using renewable energy sources.

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Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz Is A Nod To The Past With A Modern Powertrain

Volkswagen ID. Buzz, multicolor, rear-quarter view, on road
Via: Volkswagen

Secondly in the press pack, design is a key element, or ‘attention to detail’ as VW put it:

“This combination of white and fresh colors carry through to the interior, which incorporates style elements from the T1 generation and transfers them to the current era of electric mobility.”

Two-tone colors and subtle nods to the first generation VW bus help this car feel retro despite its thoroughly modern MEB-based platform, which is also used on the ID.4.

There are useful touches like an ice-scraper, bottle opener and Buzz logos placed around the cabin, the steering wheel will look and feel like leather despite the fact it is polyurethane.

With the simple, contrasting colors, useful features and a confirmation that most of the materials will be sustainable or recycled – not to mention free of animal-sourced products – this looks set to be the microbus we are hoping it will be.

2023 Volkswagen ID. Buzz Front Static
What We Now Know About The VW ID. Buzz Specs
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