Whenever Ferrari is mentioned, what's in most people's minds is a two-door two-seater supercar with a high revving V12. And whenever a buyer with a big budget wanted one of the best 4-seater all-wheel-drive vehicles, a was Ferrari never the first car on their mind. But that changed when the GTC 4 Lusso arrived. GTC stands for Gran Turismo Coupe, and yes, it's truly a high-performance full-size grand tourer. The 4 represents its four seats and all-wheel-drive, while Lusso is Italian for luxury. Don’t be mistaken though; even if it's designed to be comfortable and practical for long trips, it is still loud, thirsty, and exciting — a true prancing horse.

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First sold in 2017 to succeed the rather brutal and brittle Ferrari FF, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is an elegant shooting brake that comes in two trims. The V12-powered car is an AWD which costs $300,000, while there’s also a RWD-only GTC 4 Lusso T that uses a V8 and is $40,000 cheaper. Despite the difference in power, Ferrari claims both only require 3.4 seconds to scoot from 0-60, with each coming with a crisp and quick dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. The AWD can achieve a 208 mph top speed, while the GTC 4 Lusso T tops out at 199mph but is lighter and more fuel-efficient.

These are our favorite features of the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso, the first Ferrari car to use Lusso in its name since the 1962 to 1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L.

10 The Shooting Brake Design

2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: NetCarShow.Com

Overall, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso has the same look as the Ferrari FF it replaced with just a few subtle differences. Upfront, it resembles a coupe while the back it looks like a hatchback — the resulting design is popularly known as a shooting brake.

2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Rear
Via: NetCarShow.Com

At the rear, the FF had a single circular tail light on both sides, but the Lusso now comes with twin tail-lights on each side complimenting the quad exhausts, which is more of what we are used to from Ferrari. The significantly styled exterior is very striking, and we find it quirkily appealing even though it still divides opinion among many.

9 The Obscenely Powerful Powerplant(s) Under Its Hood

The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Sideview
Via: Ferrari

Most times, Ferrari buyers get a plethora of customization options but have to go with the single powertrain chosen by the Italian automaker. The GTC 4 Lusso changes that. Peek under its elongated hood, and behind the front axle, it's either a 6.3-liter V12 or 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8. The 12-cylinder mill is good for 690 hp and 514 lb-ft of torque, while the V8 powerplant makes 602 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.

2020 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso V12 Engine
Via: Ferrari

The fun part? The V12 revs to up to an 8,250 rpm redline, producing an exhilarating soundtrack that will make any normal cabin conversation nigh on impossible in Sport mode. Even with the Biturbo enhancement, the V8 also has an intoxicating noise in Sport Mode that only encourages aggressive driving.

8 Its Spacious And Comfortable Interior For 4 People

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Interior Rear Seats
Via: TheStar.Com

True to its intended purpose, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is a very versatile and practical long-distance grand tourer. Four adults of average height can comfortably sit in the GTC4 Lusso's cabin with a bit of head and knee room to spare. And still, they can all fit their luggage in its trunk (with a bit of negotiation). Compared to the Ferrari FF, it has 16mm more legroom contributed by the less chunky front seats.

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The rear seats' legroom is more than what is available in a Bentley Continental GT, the Porsche 911, and Mercedes S-Class coupe — its direct competitors. In the Prancing Horse's lineup, until the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV arrives, there is no four-seater family-oriented car to rival it.

7 Its Active Rear-Wheel Steering System

A 2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: Ferrari

It's one of the most notable mechanical features in the Lusso and a perfect installment in a Ferrari with such a long wheelbase. When active, motors adjust the angle of the rear wheels to turn in unison but in the opposite direction to the steering angle of the front wheels. This action reduces the turning radius, allowing for an easy 3-point turn, making the car easy to maneuver in tight places like a parking garage.

Via: Ferrari

Also, the Active Rear-Wheel Steering System makes the car very nimble by enabling sharp, precise, and sensitive steering. And all that responsiveness is matched by impressive stability and grip even at high speeds because the rear wheels can turn with the front wheels. It only becomes inactive in ESC Off mode to allow the driver to have fun drifting.

6 The Impeccable Cabin Design With Sporty Luxury

Inside The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: The National

Most of the parts in the interior of the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso are plush; they use carbon fiber and aluminum, while the few that use plastic aren't flimsy. Seats and most areas are upholstered in a sea of soft, high-quality leather and Alcantara with proper stitching. All its seats are large enough for four adults to sit comfortably and get cosseted over long distances. To ensure the driver never forgets to buckle up, there is an automatic seat belt extender like the one in the Mercedes E and S-Class cars. To add to the ambiance, the optional $20,000 panoramic tinted roof reflects hot rays away when the sun is shining outside and keeps heat inside when it's freezing outside.

GTC 4 Lusso Steering Wheel
Via: Carbonio

The driver gets a flat-bottomed steering wheel that looks sporty, yet sophisticated. It is loaded with lots of buttons for start-stop, indicating, and wiper controlling functions and is fixed in front of multiple displays that offer digitized information making the interior feel more sporty. It also has a Ferrari Manetino dial for switching the driving modes, and for $4,000, it can come drenched in carbon fiber, and include cool switchgear LED light at the top. Also inside are four flexible jet-rear-inspired air vents, charging spots, two cup holders, and a magnetized center console lid. Windows are double glazed to ensure that when inside the V12 engine noise dies away, leaving you to eat up miles in peace.

5 Ferrari GTC Lusso’s Modern Infotainment System

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Infotainment
Via: Formula Imports

There's a modern and responsive infotainment screen on the front center that spans 10.25 inches; Ferrari has really stepped up its game. Those that get tired of the V12's sound can turn on the much-improved HD JBL sound system. Another nice touch is the short touch-screen panel on the front passenger's side that will keep the occupant engaged if specced for $6,000.

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2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Passenger Screen
Via: Ferrari

It's like a supplant of the main infotainment, enabling the front passenger to fiddle with settings and access the navigation system. Best parts? It helps share the driving experience by showing the Drive Mode and Performance. Pointing out the speed and displaying the synchronized digital Rev Counter make the ride enjoyable even for the front passenger.

4 The Aerodynamic Bits That Add To Its Aggressive Look

2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Parked
Via: NetCarShow.Com

An optional carbon fiber aero kit takes the GTC 4 Lusso from the more rounded car with sleek styling to an aggressive Ferrari that still looks gorgeous. At the front, below the long and slanted hood that creates a sharp angle of attack to reduce drag, is an extended front splitter.

White Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Rear
Via: NetCarShow.Com

There is a trunk lid spoiler at the back above the rear horizontal tail-light, another spoiler at the top of the rear window, and two carbon fiber pieces just below the quad exhaust pipes. In the lower middle is a big rear diffuser fitted to improve airflow and increase downforce, resulting in better rear grip. Air blades and cool skirts are also fitted on both sides to complete the muscular design.

3 Ferrari's 4RM All-Wheel-Drive System

2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso On Snow
Via: Ferrari

With its roots in the Ferrari 408 and first used in the Ferrari FF, the Ferrari 4RM AWD system makes the GTC 4 Lusso an all-weather sports car perfect for year-round drivability. Unlike regular AWD cars with a center differential, the GTC 4 Lusso's four wheels get driven using two different gearboxes. The front gearbox, a 'power transfer unit' (PTU) is placed in front of the engine and is only active when the car uses the first 4 gears. It has 2 forward gears plus 1 reverse gear meant to enable most of the power to be sent to the front wheels if needed.

2020 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso Rear
Via: Ferrari

From gear 5 to 7, when the car has crossed 120 mph, it reverts to only using the rear-mounted transaxle gearbox, essentially becoming a RWD car. It's because at these speeds, the front wheels cannot manage to turn as fast as the rear wheels. The main advantage of the transaxle gearbox is a rearward weight bias that gives the GTC 4 Lusso a better weight distribution of 48:52 despite having a front mid-ship mounted engine.

2 Its Advanced Adaptive Suspension System

The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: Ferrari

The Lusso uses Magneride Adaptive Suspension developed by Delphi automotive. As the name suggests, it uses magnets or electromagnets to be precise to alter the damping characteristics in an instant. The piston of the damper has an electromagnet that, when switched on, attracts the iron filings to block the movement of the piston, thereby firming up the ride.

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The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso RearSide
Via: Ferrari

This allows the Lusso to have a smooth ride on a bumpy road, but when the driver hits the brakes or turns suddenly, the magnets are switched on, firming up the ride instantly and reducing body roll. It is the best of both worlds. The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is tuned to offer the best grand touring experience in Comfort Mode but can still perform as expected on a track in Sport Mode

1 The GTC 4 Lusso Options Which Add To Its Allure

The 2017 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: NetCarShow.Com

The best Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso options are absolutely astounding; they are the perfect one-up for the customer while being the ultimate profit-grab for the Italian automaker. To have Prancing Horse badges stitched on headrests, Ferrari charges $1600, and they can also install a leather-lined boot for $2,500. For the ultimate interior experience, the $20,000 panoramic tinted glass roof is a must.

2020 Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso
Via: Ferrari

To avoid a boring and identical car on the outside, the buyer can get lighter and stronger 5 twin-spoke designed 21″ forged wheels with a carbon-fiber rim finish for $9,000, add yellow Ferrari badges alongside the side vents for $2000 and those that want a suspension lift facility for better ground clearance have to add $5,500. Indeed, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is for those who work to live, not those who live to work.

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