This super sport-wagon drag race video from the UK-based YouTube channel CarWow focuses on an era of German brutes that American audiences might not remember all too well. The US market's hesitancy to jump into hot hatches and super sedans has long confused plenty of enthusiasts who know about crazy models like the C6 Audi RS6 Avant, the V10-powered BMW M5, and the Mercedes-AMG E55 wagons that roamed Europe in the mid-2000s, though Audi could start a change in the mindset with the seemingly popular new generation of the RS6 Avant. In the meantime, sit back and watch as these retro wagons line up for a series of drag and rolling races on a wet day in the UK.

Audi Borrowed And Turbocharged A Lamborghini V10

As burly as Audi's new RS6 might seem, the model reached peak insanity with the C6 generation. American readers may remember the C5, which only shipped to the US in sedan form and came equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8 that produced so much torque Audi couldn't find a manual gearbox to handle the grunt. But then, the C6 took things to a whole new level by twin-turbocharged a V10 engine borrowed from Lamborghini, with the result pumping out an absolutely absurd rating of 579 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque in Britain.

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Can BMW And Mercedes Hope To Keep Up?

BMW M5 V10 Vs Audi RS6 Vs Mercedes-AMG E55 3
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The real question in this video is by how much the RS6 Avant will walk away from the Bimmer and Benz. But neither of the other two Teutonic wagons is really a slouch—BMW shoehorned a naturally aspirated V10 into the wagon, which employs only rear-wheel drive as opposed to the Audi's Quattro system and helps to keep the curb weight a few hundred pounds lower. And output remains prodigious, at 507 horses and 383 lb-ft of twist.

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Drag Races As Comedy

BMW M5 V10 Vs Audi RS6 Vs Mercedes-AMG E55 4
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Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG product also sends power from its supercharged V8 to the rear wheels only, in this case the lowest horsepower rating of the bunch at "only" 476 but the highest torque rating of 516 lb-ft. Throw in a more linear power band and a lack of turbo lag, suggesting the Mercedes could do alright. Watch the video to see whether either BMW or Mercedes manage to keep this entire exercise from devolving into a chucklefest for CarWow host Mat Watson.

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