It's no secret that Jay Leno doesn't own a single Ferrari in his expansive collection of classic cars. With tedious and overly complex rules to purchase, own, and modify, Ferrari has set in place a customer experience that Leno says he can live without.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy driving one, at another owner's expense, of course.

In the most recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, David Lee bears the burden of letting Leno drive another priceless car. As Leno and Lee discuss their knowledge of the car, as well as their likes and dislikes of the F50, we ultimately see the two jaunt around Los Angeles in one of the rarest Ferraris ever produced.

Driven, Not Hidden

If it's one thing we can appreciate about Leno, is that beneath the ludicrous size of the car collection, he truly is a genuine gearhead. With most collectors hoarding their vehicles away in some posh, climate-controlled garage, Leno makes it a point to use the car in the fashion they're meant for: driving.

For Leno, there is no car either too rare or too impractical. Something Lee appears to be guilty of when Leno inquires about the age of the tires. “Are these tires old?” Leno asks. To which Lee painfully remarks, “They are a bit old” after tripping over his words.

Although a small inquisition, postured in good-natured ribbing, it's an interesting look into the brain of Leno. Because like the rest of us who drive run-of-the-mill production cars, the feeling of the tires' age is something that would go largely unnoticed.

You know, after the rattling, the fumes (is that what a clutch smells like?), and general terror that your project is going to die at the next red light.

Without giving away too much detail, it's entertaining to see Leno playfully tease Lee about his driving habits.

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The First Car Without Enzo: The F50

Yellow F50
Via: Flickr

Derived from a combination of the F40's design, and the 964's F1 drivetrain, the F50 saw production from 1995 to 1997.

During the three-year span, Ferrari produced 349 examples of the F50, with a reported 31 produced in Giallo Modena. Making this sunny-dispositioned Ferrari, one of the rarest to date.

The two door, targa top receives its power from the naturally aspirated, Tipo F130 60-valve V12 engine. Capable of producing 512 of the strongest, Maranello thoroughbreds, the F50 sees 0-60 mph in a lightning fast, 3.8 seconds. Ultimately achieving 8,500 rpm before redline, the F50's V12 produces one of the best sounds, ever.

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Aging like fine Italian wine, the F50 has seen a tremendous uptick in value. With more than a few sales north of seven figures, the 90s poster supercar will remain out of the question for regular enthusiasts. Making Jay Leno's quest to drive this fine automobile, all the more admirable.

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