It's no secret why we love WRC here at HotCars. With talented drivers, beautifully designed and well-engineered sports cars, sprawled out across some of the world's most gorgeous regions, WRC makes for one of motorsport's most intriguing events.

But despite its visual appeal, one of the few drawbacks that presents an issue with fan engagement, is the convoluted format. Spanning multiple days, the multi-stage events can leave fans wanting more than being able to witness one corner of the race. Luckily, the progression of drone technology has advanced to the point where pilots are able to follow the 500 horsepower, mud-slinging beasts of WRC, with ease.

The technology was on full display during this past weekend's WRC Sweden Rally event, taking place in the northeastern region of the Umeå Municipality.

First Person View Gives Fans A New Perspective

Immediately upon pressing play, you're transported to the frozen region of North Eastern Sweden, trekking behind the greatest rally cars on Earth.

Following alongside as if it was the Mario Kart referee himself, Lakitu, the drone is able to capture all the sights and sounds that give WRC fans the ultimate immersive experience.

The drone's freedom of range and movement, combined with the quick wits the pilots posses, allow viewers to follow rally cars in ways never before seen. Now able to track cars through blind corners, muddy sections, and explosions of water, drones provide a tangible experience the sport has been missing, in high-definition.

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Why Drones Are Great For The Sport

Overhead Drone Shot
Via: YouTube - DJI

And it's that exact tangible experience today's generation of WRC fans crave. Long-gone are the days of the crazed, Group B fans that flooded the course, narrowly escaping death and destruction. With loads of regulations and procedures for fans witnessing the event in person, it can feel like a simulated event, rather than being present at one of the most exciting sports in the world.

The ability for drones to get up close and personal (enough to the point of a midair drone crash), place the viewer in the headlights of rally cars, quite literally.

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Credited with reviving interest in a range of sports, from the NFL, to the PGA, and now, FIA motorsport, it doesn't take a genius to realize the potential for giving the loyal fans behind-the-scenes access to their favorite sport is immeasurable. Able to provide the "video game angle" to the generations of kids who grew up chasing the bumper of their favorite cars, on a gaming console, drones provide an experience that can be better than in-live attendance.

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